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    Shooting heroin while on suboxone 
    I was searching the internet on my awesome phone on the way back from dope town looking for an answer to the question. CAN YOU GET HIGH ON HEROIN AFTER TAKING A SUBOXONE...

    Heres my live right now currently happening expierence.

    1. Woke up today around 4pm after a crazy weekend binge of about 6 bigs of brown and 7 $50's of white. (note i split everything 50/50 with my girlfriend)

    2. Went for a walk to see the white guy since he owed me a reward for all my good work, I was feeling so so more than average sweating from the dope wearing off. (I scored 2 suboxones on my way back home)

    3. Around 6PM I sniffed the whole 8MG suboxone. (my girl ate half 4MG)

    4. I woke up from a short nap (15 minutes) and decided to do my reward instead of making some money since I'm over drafted $344 at the bank. It was a small 20$ bag. (cocaine) I got the initial rush mild to strong and it wore off fairly fast

    (Off topic note. Everyone who does it knows that Doing cocaine alone has negative side effects and feelings, They know doing cocaine with heroin eliminates all negative side effects and feelings of the drug..... I expiernece no negative side effects or feelings of the drug I'm not sure if this is from the suboxone.)

    5. We left for dope town. We had scored a small and from 1 previous try I remember doing a suboxone and doing some dope and having it be a complete WASTE. So I looked around online and found no answers that satisfied me to doing the dope anytime soon.

    6. My girlfriend was determined to do hers right away ignoring the stuff i had read on the internet about doing dope on suboxone being a waste.

    I told her to let me know. (She ate 4MG (Half an 8MG) suboxone around 7PM)

    She said it had worked for her.

    7. From her expierence I still was skeptical and wanted to hold off... (atleast as long as I could watching her slam hers) So I ate some dinner and drank a beer.

    At that point I took my already prepared syringe with about a half teaspoon of some decent dope already in it (it was a decent size) and slammed it

    8. The rush overcame my body. it is now 30 Minutes since I have taken it The rush lasted unusually longer than normal. I'm still feeling the effects of the dope It was 4 hours from the time i had sniffed the entire 8MG of suboxone. And I'm still feeling pretty decent.

    The feeling is a little dulled i feel awfully light headed but still good none the less.

    I do prefer to not be on suboxone and do dope HOWEVER in my situation i did not know i would be scoring some dope.




    -------------------------------- U P D A T E ------------------------------------------------

    More on my live expierence.

    1. it is now 11:08PM thats 1 hour and 8 minutes since my shot.

    2. It for the most part has worn off atleast the intensity. If i stop to notice I notice I'm not completely back to normal.

    3. Can you get high on suboxone. Yes. Should you wait... Definately.
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    24 hours after a 1 week Sub regimen I injected a 1/10 of H and ate the gel out of a 25 mcg/hr fentanyl patch and it felt like taking a few hydrocodone did in the beginning.

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    I have taken suboxone before while dopesick and waiting for my regular dope guy to call. Anyone who's been there knows how that is, and I finally got fed up and snorted up a half a sub I had. About an hour goes by and of course, my guy calls. So I buy a bundle and mix up a 3 bag shot with more speed than Speedy Gonzalez high on meth with a red hot poker in his ass. I bang the shot and wait for that sweet, sweet relief....then I remembered that I snorted that god awful sub not too long ago.

    Long story short, not much happened. I just basically ended up feeling mildly fucked up.

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    More on my live expierence.

    1. it is now 11:08PM thats 1 hour and 8 minutes since my shot.

    2. It for the most part has worn off atleast the intensity. If i stop to notice I notice I'm not completely back to normal.

    3. Can you get high on suboxone. Yes. Should you wait... Definately.

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    There is a massive diff between using smack after taking 1 Sub and using whille on a long term Sub script. If you took the Sub as a one off then the dope will pretty much over ride it but if you were on a long term script and the Sub has built up in your sytem gear wont touch the sides.

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    I agree with the above poster^. I had an asthma attack due to shooting speedballs last fall, and when I got into ICU, I was put back on my 16 mg/day suboxone regiment. I was there fore a week, and the day I got out I shot 3 bags and felt pretty high. It's only after about 2 weeks or so that the sub REALLY starts to block the suboxone. That doesn't mean that it's that way for everyone. I know some people will have a dope habit, take 8 mg of suboxone, and wont be able to get high for three days, but I also know a lot of people that can get high immediately, only a few hours later, like you said.

    I find Even now, after about three months of being on straight subs (24 mg a day) with only a few opiate relapses in between, but no full agonist habit, that I can still get high If I inject over three bags of OK dope. It usually doesn't last as long, so I prefer to bang up stimulants or take benzo's or GABAergics, but it's not like it's rendered completely inefective.

    But just as suboxone doesn't always block opiates, it also doesn't always relieve you completely from detox. I had about a two week break from subs to bang the opana IR's, and at the end I was doing about 50-70 mg's a day, and even after I switched over to subs I was feeling sick.

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    ahhh i hate that shit, when you are sick as hell and waiting on your dude to get ready and something happens like you cant get a hold of him or he keeps asking for more time so you say fuck it and do some bupe then of course he calls you an hour later or something lol....

    every time i have tried to get high while on bupe it didnt do shit. i would have to do 3x my normal dose to punch through but it was never as euphoric as it should be.

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    Please read the Other Drugs Guidelines as linked in my signature. We are a harm reduction forum focusing on drug discussion and don't allow trip reports, off topic chat about scoring dope, prices, or whatever else this thread is/contains. I'm going to close it now but if you have anymore questions about getting high on suboxone it has been covered in detail in threads which can be found in the OD Directory which is also in my signature.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns.

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