Thread: How can you inject methadone pills?

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    How can you inject methadone pills? 
    Alright I have two different types of 10mg Methadone pills. One is Oblong and scored and has 57|71 on it. The other is a round scored pill that reads 54 142 on it.

    I know the dangers of IV use. I am wondering if I just prep these like the 30mg Roxicodones or dilaudids.

    Yes, I know methadone has 99% bioavailibility but I still prefer the IV route.

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    Its a bad idea. Unless you have a micron filter there will be way to much material. It's dangerous and stupid. Take it orally.

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    Would it be worse than slamming the Roxis and dilaudid I am accustomed to shooting?

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    i have personally ived or tryed to iv both. the circle 54's are wayyy to much powder. you can not possibly IV them, but the rectangle ones do work.. when i used to do that i would filter one at a time, do not do this unless you have a micron filter because only 10mg of that pill is actual done. the rest is fillers and other BS you do not want in your circulatory system.

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    Don't even attempt it. It's way to dangerous. Swallow them, or parachute them.

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    Check out the micron filtering mega thread; this is how you do it.

    Cotton filtering is not going to be safe because most of the inactive ingredients which are bad for you, will pass through a cotton filter.

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