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    How to boost your methadone high 
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    I've been on the methadone program for about 6 months now. I've been at 135mg for about 3 months or so.. It is the only thing that was able to get me away from the needle/Heroin and Dilaudid. I tried everything to kick but I just couldn't do it with out some help. When I first started the methadone program I was just happy to not have to worry about being sick everyday or having to shell out hundreds of dollars every other day to stay okay. Naturally one of the reasons this program has been so successful is because mdone can get you high. Not to say I was getting loaded or anything from my dose. I would just get a nice little warm feeling in my chest and stomach and an almost perky feeling followed by a decent nights sleep, once I was at a stable dose. Now lately I find myself having terrible cravings because I don't get the same feeling that I used to. So I relapsed, but It was completely a waist of time because the mdone keeps me from feeling any other opiates.. I tried pushing about a half gram of really decent tar in one hit and the result was almost unpleasant.. No rush, No high, just that dirty feeling.. So Its now been about 2 months or so since I relapsed and now that I know all opiates other than methadone are practically useless to me. The only thing that I have been able to do to feel my dose now is to take about 2 liquid oz. of promethazine syrup ( I don't like the pills ) after dosing.
    It brings back the feeling that I used to get and it makes the peek seem to last longer. (The peek hits about 3 hours after I dose, usually lasting about 3 hours or so) Is there any other medications or ways that I can boost my methadone?? Other than raising my dose.. Or is there anyway I can get high once and awhile without breaking my routine dose or lowering my dose?

    - Just as a side note.
    The Methadone program has been a life saver for me. I know that coming of 135mg of methadone can takes years to do safely and without pain. I know that it seams like you are trading your H habit or w/e habit you had for a Mdone habit but it's more than that. The way I see it is that I'm not trading one drug for another. I'm trading a drug addiction for a medicine that I am not abusing. If I were to be abusing it and taking it only to get high nad when ever I wanted to (instead of on a schedule once every morning) then that would be different. I know that the buzz is a lot of the reason that it works and keeps my mind of the needle, but it is not the only reason. It works also because It's legal, It keeps me from being sick, it saves me a shit ton of money, and it makes using any other opiate completely pointless. Even when I do get the feeling I want from it, it is more of the feeling of not being on drugs. Like how I would feel on a good day before I started using. When I was happy just because. So if that is what it takes to get off the needle, I say hell yea. Because life for me had never been so difficult and depressing when I was on junk. Sure once in a blue moon I would get that great high that I was always chasing. but 90% of the time I was just trying to not be sick... This program saved my life, I know it's not for everybody, but if you haven't tried it and you would do anything to get off the needle and nothing else has worked, I would give it a try...

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    ive never been on methadone, but i watched a documentary where people would take xanax with their dose and said it made them feel like they were on heroin again. But youre on a really high dose man and id be afraid that mixing benzos in with it would just kill you.

    maybe you should seriously consider tapering.

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    check out the opiate potentiation mega thread, it'll have a lot of tips and suggestions for you.


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