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    Methamphetamine induced bowel movements 
    Does anybody else experience Methamphetamine induced bowel movements? Possibly as a result of anxiety?

    About 5-10minutes prior to smoking crystal meth my body goes through a type of anxiety phase, which triggers some sort of bowel movement, either a series of farts or a trip to the toilet for #2

    Most often it occurs the moment BEFORE consuming - as if my body is undergoing a type of anxiety or some sort of reaction to what it knows is about to happen. I used to wonder what causes this. It would often occur while watching someone else smoke, knowing that it would be my turn soon.

    Occasionally the feeling is delayed and begins to kick in right after I have a lungfuls of smoke.

    Is it normal to develop this type of anxiety? I notice that the same thing happens to my girlfriend.
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    I used to get the same thing but not specifically with meth. It used to happen right before I would roll, or right before I went to pick them up. Same thing with blow. Stress and anxiety can definitely manifest themselves in physical ways.
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    Right before picking up - Yes! That is a common timeframe too.

    A few times I recall not getting the feeling while in the process of ordering or picking up - and it was amazing because those times, the deal actually fell through.

    It kinda made me feel like a part of me was psychic and knew beforehand if I was going to be getting high or not in the future.
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    Hmm. If you are experiencing this BEFORE getting high, I could imagine pre-trip anxiety could be the cause. Anxiety would obviously raise your blood pressure, and speed up your body/metabolism/etc overall. I know that when I do stimulants, the stimulant effect, the speeding up of the body as a whole, will promote bowel movements.
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    It is a stimulant, not just to your mind but also your body. Your whole body. Even your bowels.
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    With coffee, adderall, or even cigarettes, I find myself rushing to the bathroom like I'm not gonna make it there on time!

    I used to hear this real junkie heroin kid tell me that he has to take a shit cause he's about to shoot up and he's sooooo excited
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