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    Hi this is my first time posting so please excuse any gramma spelling terminology ranting etc etc but please feel free to flame me about fictitiously ingesting and insulfating something that i have no idea what it is how it was made etc etc i know im a moron so im an ideal guinea pig candidate.

    Before i actually start i would like to say that i do know the difference between hallucinogens and good time party stimulants and believe that hallucinogens are food for the mind and i hold them very dear to my heart i consider them a friend and a teacher and know that they are like the universe in comparison to stimulants which are lucky to be half a pubic hair in relation. Stimulants are fun and nothing more, hallucinogens in my opinion hold the key to you mind, soul and could quite possibly answer the most important question ever asked by humanity why? or in my own words what the fuck is going on?

    Great story written by myself in the first person pure fiction of course and you may find some of the details in this story unnecessary but i am just trying to give as much detail as possible for future guinea pigs and of course im hi on a euphoric stimulant.

    I received 1g synthacaine from online retailer upon weighing i found to be 1100mg. (this is my first time purchasing and taking a research chemical)

    Body weight: 15 stone or 210lbs or 95.45KG. Although mainly made up of body fat I goto the gym at least 3 days per week and do about 20 mins of cardio and lift around 8000kg in total on each of those days working my back, shoulder, core, biceps and triceps and i have been doing this for about 3 weeks and i find i can run a good 2k on the tread mill without stopping and can cycle 30 miles without a problem i have been cycling for about 2 years on and off but before that i had spent about 3 years getting fat and playing my computer. Inreality im an overweight/obese computer nerd that spends most of his day eating shite sitting at a computer smoking weed.


    5"7 maybe im being generous and im 5"6 you can do your own conversions to cm`s etc.


    My diet is pretty crap lots of fried and pre-processed crap i ingest alot of caffeine, coffee, tea, random energy drinks and all kinds of random crap. I am trying in some respects to eat a better more balanced diet, but find this hard in the society i live in but i do drink more plain straight tap water than i used to i would say at least a pint per day and 2-3 pints on workout days and man do eat alot of chicken. (Synthacaine is supposed to work better for us westerners with a shitty diet... its true the internet says so)


    31 years yup on the downward slope but i dont feel it so no harley purchased yet.

    Tripping experience:

    I would consider myself an experienced tripper and have taken quite a few psychedelics, First starting with the cubensis and other assorted mushrooms also been lucky enough to experience Ayahuasca including 1 days starvation ritual due to the MAO inhibitor on a few occasions sadly not in an amazonian setting, I have vapourised DMT on a few occasion which i find absolutley awesome and i still have about 500mg from the gram i purchsed, probably still got ton`s of it left in my test tube/vapo contraption device which was actualy made by my dealer, I have tripped on acid two to three times but find it more of a party drug than the mind quest experince that i want to receive from hallucinogens, I had also taken ecstacy (unsure of the actual chemical compound i was taking MDA MDMA etc etc they where just pills and i was just a young lad) nearly every weekend for a year and in some instance had some hallucinogenic experiences from it although i would class this as a party stimulant to take with good people rather than a hallucinogen but nowadays they dont work for me so i dont take them. I also took alot of speed insulfating and eating only, infact i would have considered myself a speed freak for a good year and took speed almost every night and still managed to keep down a job etc and survived on 4hrs sleep a night with no problems but then i moved and the supply stopped and tbh i never really noticed any addiction problems no lust for it not anything tbh. But now im getting older and i dont realy like not being able to sleep for days at a time and i dont have the ability to just gouch out on come downs for days, and although i like the effects of amphetamine it just doesnt suit my lifestyle, So now i take cocaine on occasion and i like the drug it suits my lifestyle but thb not my bank balance so i maybe have a blowout i.e 3.5grams split between me and a close friend over a night say maybe 4x a year mixed generally with alcohol 4-5 beers and cannabis some times soap im afraid but normaly some sticky green. I hate soap and i am normaly getting some nicer alfghani black that appears to be coming into my area, i believe brought back by some nice frontline soldier back on some R&R after fighting both the dreaded terrorists out to destroy the west and most importantly coming back fighting the dreaded curse that is soap bar. Also enjoy the odd benzo...codeine water extracted from cocodamol...had a fair bit of morphine from ingestation of Dr.Collis Brown`s famous mixture and topped it off with a bit of pesudoephedrine from my friendly highstreet chemist and some ephedrine purchased from a body building website and a nice few stints of taking butelyne glycol a GHB precursor, some home made GHB and have buzzed some poppers todays legitimate amylnitrate room oderizours. Oh forgot to mention i have also smoked coca leaf to no real avail although i felt something but nothing major and have had some real nice coca tea experince one batch which was better than the finest batch of cocaine i have ever tried although i did ingest alot.
    I am also an ex-tobbaco smoker nearly 2 years now without it.
    95% of the time i would say that the experince i have had with all these substances has been good great if not amazing and inspiring and the times that they have been bad i would really say where due to my own bad judgement of set, setting and chosen company, combination of substances not working out and last of all bad guestimation of the amount of substance to take, one time though i was attacked by a bee after smoking DMT wether it was a hallucination or not i dont know but i evacuated the room quickly the bee didnt occur again but in the morning my partner did find a large bee in the living room so i think it was a wrong place at the wrong time incident. I am also taking 40mg of fluxotein (prozac) per day for an anxiety disorder that i suffer from.
    (I know i have already said that i am probably giving you to much information but i want you to have the clearest picture i can give you with this being a Research Chemical and that fact that nobody knows the true effects of it we may as well take everything into consideration i will deffer from giving you my penis size although if i do notice any changes i will make another post)

    As a side note though to anyone who has not taken drugs and is thinking about it i personaly think you should refrain from doing so or at least be hesitant. Curiosity killed the cat and once you have opened the box and crossed the line there is no way back and im sure from that day forward you will be a changed person. Although i would say some of the best things i have experienced in my life have been drug induced all come to an end to rapidly..... no matter how long the trip, the chains of the reality you must come back to just seem more binding and sometimes your inhibitions which where gone no more than an hour ago return and make you embarassed and regretfull of your actions during your chemical induced freedom....but then again at least you will have tasted freedom and you will probably have seen things beyond your imagination and enjoyed your closest friends in away you could never have possibly done without the aid of your chemical friends, Then again "life is but a seratonin enduced hallucination" and who the fuck knows what really is right or wrong or infact knows even what the fuck is actualy going on in this so called reality.

    Package arrived, I opened it and found:

    Name: Synthacaine
    CAS Number: 52623-93-3
    Quantity: 1000mg
    HARMFUL: X(n) -R22, S2, S3, S7, S8
    USE: Laboratory Reagent ONLY

    I had searched the net for info on Synthacaine before i purchased it every thing i read said it was bunk but tbh i couldnt realy find much info. And the CAS number doesnt appear to register on the CAS website.....then again im not to sure if i was using the site properly being a noob.

    So anyway being a bit of a coke fiend and never having tried Meph or Ritalin i thought fuck it ill guinea pig it after all someone has to, But of course be careful and make sure my partner who is in the house knew what i was doing in case of any issues and jotted down every method of ingestion amount and time and of course leave some of the substance to be tested by a toxicologist if need be.

    So i opened the bag and tbh the smell wasnt really that plesent and really didnt make me want to snort it. The substance was an off white yellow colour and upon closer inspection appeard to be more than one chemical some was white and powdery like the real thing and some was like clear blobs and some was a yellow cyrstalline substance so i would defo say this was a blend of at least 2-3 different chems so i think the CAS number may just be a gimmic which tbh is abit worrying.

    So the trip (which is still in process).

    1220 GMT I insulphated 10mg and ingested 10mg (swirled and held in mouth for a minute or so)

    Slight numbness of mouth with in a few mins..nose was fine felt nothing and smelt nothing which i was glad of.

    no real effects all though i could fell something i had expected more.
    anyway felt fine no problems but decided to wait at least an hour.

    1320 GMT I decided to take 80mg orally same process swirled and held in mouth and swallowed after a minute or so. Same again mouth went numbish and after about 15-20 mins had a nice mellow but stimulated feeling and started to play with my children ( I know Im an asshole for doing this when my kids where here but they do not see me ingesting or snorting and i was extra eager to try this but yeah im an asshole)
    Felt a tad euphoric but nothing major although i wouldnt say disappointing it certainly wasnt mind blowing but still plesent.
    Anyway waited an hour.

    1420 GMT 80mg insuphated. Nose went a weird sore/cold/numb and the smell in my nose is now reminding me a bit of cocaine all though this could be because i am using the same grinder as i use for my cocaine to grind the synthacaine but if there was any coke left in it i would be surpised as im sure i have licked every bit out of it but this of course could be the cause. no drip though when snorting back my snot. Im still getting a slight euphoria although nothing special something is defo happening and i would say that i feel like i am experiencing a bit of mental clarity and i am find my new thought process pretty enjoyable and as the trip is going on i would say that this could be a very nice recreational drug and although i am feeling a bit not jittery just excited but nothing to heavy and i can still remain calm.

    1440 GMT 80mg insulphated and licked my snorter blade clean. Slight numbness on lips (although i havent stated before numbness to lips and mouth doesnt last long few mins but the cold/soreness has stayed for a while but eventually passes and redosing isnt as bad as the first and its not all that pleasnt but im sure a small girl could handle it) ok so now my kids are coming into the room i am using, all the shit was cleared away but they are wanting me to put a movie on for them and my gf is busy in the kitchen so i oblige them and put a movie on in the living room and come back to the trip/computer room. Now when i sit down i notice my hands are slightly shakey nothing major and tbh not unpleasnt but still very reminisant of some cocaine i have had. My heart is beating faster but nothing over powering and i am enjoying the experience but its still no out of this world but its good and getting mildy stronger, Anyway this feeling is interupted as i cannot find the synthacaine i look in the usual spots that i put my shit in and no joy.....then i remember my kids where in here with me ohh fuck!!! now the panic isnt major and i quickly settle myself down and go check my kids dont have it and they dont so few!!!! Back to searching the trip room, now i find the bag the gear was in and its empty so now im searching for powder to no avail so now im puzzled "where the fuck is my shit". now more searching through bags etc. last thing i want is my kids getting this. all went on in the space of about 20mins...Then bingo! I remeber i put the shit in my bullet.

    So maybe some short term memory loss due to the synthacaine or maybe due to the fact that i smoke weed although i have had none for two days or maybe just down to getting older and years of drug abuse and tbh it is becoming a more common thing for me

    All is well now i know where my shit is and im enjoying this euphoria, normaly when i take any form of stimulant i become edgy around people who are not under the influence and a little paranoia creeps in which makes me try and fight the effects of the drug . I notice this slightly just now as my gf is trying to hold a conversation with me which is happening fine but in the word of my gf "your can see it in your face and you look like your trying to chew your face off and your voice has changed" but i feel lucid and we talk fine and i have the "I really love you" feeling about my gf that i have often experienced with amphetamines mainly MDMA. It is now 1844 GMT and i feel like the synthacaine is begining to wear off although i am still experiencing mild rush`s infact very mild rush`s i know im nearing the end of its effects and it is moreish but not street cocaine moreish where i would know that im going to finish every last bit i have, there is no "go on one more line and ill leave the rest for tomorrow" untill the gear is finished. But on that note i am going to take some more so maybe the I WANT MORE bit will start.

    1857 GMT: 100mg insulfated this is the highest im going (today)

    It has brought me back to a nice spot not as much mental clarity or euphoria but still have a quite relaxed upbeat enjoyable open feeling and my mind although not racing with ideas is bursting with alertness and i find myself able to find all the words that i need making me want to express myself and im very interested in what other people have to say or in this case type on MSN, but not in a fiendish out of control out of my face way, its nice and i wouldnt say gentle but in no way over powering but defo a really good drug for taking when you want to enjoy yourself, im sure i could enjoy music but i am hesitant and unsure what to play so i stick on some dance "Cry for you" CDM project and they react well, if it was blasting from some speakers im sure i would be dancing my ass off. music sounds almost as intricate as it does on ecstacy my feeling is this is a real nice drug and so far no real bad side to it other than my hands feel a bit tingly and numb and i have heard this has been abit of a problem with Meph etc but its not an unpleasnt feeling just slightly worrying that it maybe affecting my circulation but have no feeling like this in any other part of my body so could be due to the fact that i have been sitting typing for about 5hrs. All dance music sounds good so Im trying different genre`s of music now cranberries "zombie" sounds good and i want to sing out loud but refrain from doing so. Adele "rolling in the deep" and it sounds nice and im realy getting into the music now so im going to try one more track that i love HAWKWIND "Elric The Enchanter" and i almost get the feeling that i get when i hear the HAWKLORDS live. This stuff isnt totally mind blowingly good but it is real nice, uplifting, stimulating, pleasntly euphoric and gives you a very nice clarity of mind while maintaining a calmness and confidence that i could describe as similar to the confidence that a good dose of mushrooms provides.

    Synopsis: 2022 GMT and here is the verdict.

    The product that was sold to me as "Synthacaine" has been a very enjoyable experience and one i will certainly try to experience again i.e im going to buy a nice batch from the supplier before it gets banned.
    I would not say it was cocaine but it has certain similarity to the street coke i have used and im pretty sure from the smell i get after insulfating that something in it is used in cutting street cocaine or that it is used to cut street cocaine or could be that they just smell the same.
    Anyway like a connoisseur of wine notes the overtones of pear etc, I a self proclaimed connoisseur of party powder`s would say nice party drug which would enlighten anymood with over tones of MDMA euphoria a nice but not over powering cocaine and mushroom clarity of mind to be mixed with friends. If i had to classify it i would say it was an amphetamine like speed but not as speedy and tbh quite a bit nicer.

    Only back effects i have noticed are the initial pain/numb feeling when snorted slight paranoia for a few mins and i wouldnt say bad effect its quite nice in its own respect but the weird numb tingling sensation in my hands.

    Remeber though im only 7 hrs into this and it is a Research Chemical not for human consumption and anything can happen in the next few mins, I will of course if I am still alive tomorrow probably give you an update.

    Thanks for reading hope this is useful to you and you can probably tell by the endless rant that i realy have enjoyed "Synthacaine" and it has had a nice positive effect on my day.


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    Thanks for getting a report out about this substance. Never really heard much about it but seems like you had fun. Everyone reading this report should use caution when thinking about trying RC's related to coke.

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    what the fuck is synthacaine? do you know the name of the molecule, or is it one of those proprietary things?

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    I think the CAS number is fake. A google search for it brings back this thread and vendor sites....

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    Hi again....Still alive and the Synthacaine is still active although its not all that nice, heart is racing and I am finding it hard to remain focused. I now believe that i took abit to much mainly because I was hi, Think i took about 300mg which thinking about it now was a pretty stupid move. 300mg didnt seem like much in comparison to any street powder that i would usually try, I am seriously unsure why it didnt occur to me that 300mg of something that is advertised as 98% pure was in no way a good idea.

    I would recomend a 40mg dose snorted to start it off and dont be tempted to take more when you think its mellowing out leave it untill you come to baseline and then redose but tbh im sure one dose will last you a good 12 hrs.

    Anyway im still alive and still awake with no signs of getting any sleep i took the last dose at 1900GMT and it is now 1627GMT on the next day, The come down isnt that bad and if i could fall asleep for a few hrs im sure i would be fine im afraid though that this will not be happening in the near future and all though it was a great hit, Im getting to long in the tooth for a long comedown and tbh it had been a while since i have felt one and to think i used to go to work liek this when i was younger. Reminds me of the come down from my first ampehtamine binge when yet again i took way to much.

    This shit has lasted for ages thank christ my dad brought me some weed.

    Also my nose has been slightly bleeding nothing major but alot more than i have had with any other snorted powders.

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    Nice write-up

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    Synthacaine does not exist; the CAS number doesn't correspond to anything. I wonder what you took...


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    Unknown chemical trip reports aren't allowed.

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