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    Codeine and Xanax 
    Bluelight, I have a 30/300mg Codeine tablet and two 1mg Xanax pills.

    Would it be safe for me to take all three of these pills?

    How about if I added a 7.5/500mg Hydro pill to the combination?

    I have a decent Xanax tolerance, two pills would usually leave me buzzed.

    Thanks for the help!
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    you should be able to combine them all. apap is fine and your overall opiate dose would be very minimal. I think even with the xanax, at this low of a dose, you should be fine. any prior experience with opiates and at wut dosage? Obviously its always dangerous to combine CNS depressants and im assuming the 30/300 is 30mg codeine 300mg apap/acetaminophen/paracetamol
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    That isn't much in the way of opioids, and if you have a tolerance to the alprazolam then you will be fine.
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