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    The Small & Handy 25iP-NBOMe Thread 
    Welcome to the centralized 25iP-NBOMe Thread


    This is a newly discovered group of chemicals, with little history of human use.
    It has already become clear that these substances carry substantial risks that must be highlighted.

    Some facts you should know about The 25X - NBOMe series:

    25x NBOMe chemicals have killed at "normal" recreational doses.
    • We don't know how it kills.
    • People have died from doses that are smaller than ones they've taken in the past.
    • We don't know the reasons why it is so unpredictable yet.

    Doses can lead to psychotic episodes and ER visits
    • If you or people around you must take these drugs, avoid combinations and advise others to avoid it as well.
    • If someone appears to be overdosing, it is important to get medical attention quickly to minimize chance of death or injury.

    These chemicals are sometimes mislabeled and sold as LSD or "acid"
    • If in doubt about your drugs, learn how to test them using testing kits/reagents. Don't have blind faith in the reputation of your source.
    • A good rule of thumb is "if it's bitter it's a spitter"
    • If you take blotters sold as LSD, swallowing them may render NBOMe type compounds inactive while swallowing LSD will work just as well!

    And finally information for people pushing the dosage with NBOMe's:

    The NBOMe series is known to be more dangerous than other psychedelic drug families. High doses can easily result in severe reactions such as seizures and HPPD. It is possible to get away with high doses because the mental component of the trip is mild so it may not feel as intense as other psychedelics even though there are powerful visuals. In order to try and overcome this some users take several doses to get a more intense/spiritual experience. While this does work for some, for others this is where the serious side-effects emerge.

    As a result of this it is recommended that if you are seeking an intense experience, something more than eye candy, you select a different psychedelic with a higher natural intensity and better safety record such as 2C-E or LSD.

    It is strongly advised that users do not take more than 1.5 doses of this drug, with one dose generally agreed to be 0.9 mg (900 ug).

    Insufflating doses further increases the risk.

    [original post:]

    Hi all,

    I realize that NBOMe threads are a dime-a-dozen here, but I didn't see one for this species, and I hope to get some information on it before trying it out.

    It hasn't been listed yet in the NBOMe Comparison Thread: there is not much to go on.


    My general question is for advice on dosing, timing of effects and degree of "bodyload".

    Specifically, my question/concern is the following:

    I have read a few times here and elsewhere that the 2C-X-NBOMe series potency is REVERSED relative to that of the original 2C-X series. Thus, 2C-P has a bulky propyl substitution at the 4-position and is more potent than 2C-E (which has a smaller 4-position substitution), and 2C-E is in turn more potent than 2C-D with a minuscule 4-position methyl substitution.

    Any feedback on this point? It really seems like supposition at this point.

    If this is the case, then 2C-iP-NBOMe should be among the least potent of the NBOMe series. Of course the charge density and polarity will be completely opposite, but bulk-wise, I imagine that the isopropyl substitution at the 4-position of 2C-iP-NBOMe is about the same size as the nitro functionality of 2C-N-NBOMe: Can anyone chime in with an agreement or refutation?

    Thanks for any insights fellow BLers! Of course, in the absence of any feedback, dosing schedule will likely start at ~10 ug with ~ 1 week between incidences. Vasoconstriction (ala BDF) is the biggest concern at this point.
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    Neuroscience and Pharmacology Discussion
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    I don't think this compound has even been touched upon in the literature. This is unknown territory.
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    You know your a psychonaut when... 
    Darn. I was afraid of this. Well, of such situations are psychonauts made. Never thought I'd be the only one in my region with a particular material, let alone perhaps the only one in the whole damn country... But when opportunity arises, it must be seized.

    It will take some time to get to the evaluation stage, and this will be done with intermittent 25C experiences for frame of reference. I'll post the results here.

    Please anyone chime in with thoughts regarding the questions I posed above, or any links to any data or experiences whatsoever.

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    These compounds prefer electron withdrawing groups in the 4-Position like chlorine, nitro or fluorine. This will probably be way down in activity is my guess. Particularly if you make the 4-position really bulky they likely become antagonists.
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    So its F vs iP? 
    Quote Originally Posted by nuke View Post
    These compounds prefer electron withdrawing groups in the 4-Position like chlorine, nitro or fluorine.
    Interesting for sure! I need to look at those molecular docking studies I've been ignoring, to see how the subs will play with the adjacent receptor residues. I have to presume that's where you are drawing this conclusion? :-) Or are there any real life evaluations that indicate this?

    I had a great time tonight reviewing SiHKAL... that wonderfully awkward and quirky short-documentary that Hamilton's Pharmacopoeia produced. It was amazingly topical to my current dilemma regarding 25iP.

    If you'll forgive my paraphrasing, I'd like to repeat Sasha's words here...

    In the documentary Sasha proposes a quandry: How to start to determine the activity of a wholly new compound. He gives the example of a N,N-XMT and says to his interviewer: "What mass would you start with?". After some cajoling the fellow answers with "1 (one) milligram".

    Sasha's next question reveals that the first question was a blatant set-up, construed specifically for previously experienced XiHKAL readers: "So, if this substance had the potency of LSD, then where would you be?".

    Shulgin then suggests to use your best guess, and then go three orders of magnitude (1000X) lower. So use a nanogram. Then if nothing manifests at the end of the day, add another nanogram. Then if there is still nothing, then wait a week and try 3 nanograms.

    Although from last year, and clearly made by an interviewer who wasn't exactly chemically saavy in terms of entheogen SAR, the interview has some real choice nuggets in it, and made me re-realize how the approach to truly novel psychonautical research should be carried out.
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    Antagonist? How would one know? 
    Quote Originally Posted by nuke View Post
    Particularly if you make the 4-position really bulky they likely become antagonists.
    Sorry for the naive question, but can you please let me know how I can find evaluation or experience data regarding 5HT1 antagonist activity and qualitative effects?

    Of course, if it's inactive at any reasonable dose, then that is easy to determine... But how do I effectively gauge the qualitative impact of a 5HT1 antagonist? Are there precedent experience reports?

    It's hard to imagine I would feel "less entheogenic" than my typical baseline with the addition of an antagonist, because, quite frankly and unfortunately, my current daily life is pretty much godless.
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    Then if nothing manifests at the end of the day, add another nanogram. Then if there is still nothing, then wait a week and try 3 nanograms.
    Starting at a nanogram might be smart but scaling up at one nanogram leaving suitable intervals for tolerance might mean you'd need reincarnated several times before you get to sample an effective dose.

    I think I'll wait and see about this stuff, it seems quite pricey.
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    So Reformer, did you ever get around to trying this out?
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    Has it been nearly a YEAR already? :-/ 
    Quote Originally Posted by JBrandon View Post
    So Reformer, did you ever get around to trying this out?
    No, and looking at the date stamp on my original inquiry just got me depressed. :-/

    I got stuck in a MXE rut for a good few months, and that essentially stopped my NBOMe explorations dead in their tracks. MXE is an odd one for sure- I stopped all synthetic 'Noids (JW-XXX, AM-XXXX), nearly stopped all drinking, stopped benzos and stopped 5HT2A agonists. But then MXE as an "enabling" tool became MXE as a "neccessary" tool.

    Anywhoo, I hope to be back to the NBOMe series soon, as I wanna explore 25F, 25P, 25iP and AL-NBOMe.

    Not to put him on the spot, but I bet that if anyone has tried 25iP, it would be psykap. IMO he has had prolly the greatest breadth of experience with these other than perhaps erny. Maybe they can chime in here.

    Will definitely update when the 25iP exploration occurs though!
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    i've read some experiences about 2C-iP and it didn't seem so interesting so i fear that also 25iP-Nbome could be a meh.
    Anyone already tried or heard of it?
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    Same here =S
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    i cant find any info, is 2c-ip schedled in us like the other 2cs?
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    Don't think so, but it would be covered under the Analogue Law/Act. Then again, I don't keep track of the US and all it's states.
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    I have 50mg of this stuff on the way. I'm going to put it into 500ug/ml aqueous solution. Would snorting 500ug (1ml) be safe?
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