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    xanax and ritalin interactions 
    so pretty much it ook 2 pills of 10 mg ritalin IR this morning but they make me feel extremely anxious after a few horus i took them like i cant stop moving my temp rises and chest hurts s abit so iter thend ecided to take half a miligram of xanax and i feel so so tired much like drowsy but kind of like a huge hangover and my body temp is still high
    i took the first ritalin pill at like 7 am followed by .25 mg xanax right after then i took at about 9 another pill and i tookt he other .25 xanax about half an hour ago i still feel drowsy although wired is this a bad itneraction?

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    I think the xanax is helping reduce the symptoms of over use of ritalin for the day, sir.

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    There are no contraindications/interactions. In the future please use drug interactions checkers such as found on

    If you have any questions, please feel free to private message me.

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