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    Zyprexa to stop LSD trip 
    Hi a friend of mine gave me 1 pill of zyprexa and I like to know if it can stop me from triping or at least stop me from tripping hard in case of an emergency and would like to know if it's dangerous to do this mix and what can happen in the worst case thanks alot
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    It's an atypical antipsychotic so it should work however I have never used it. Personally seroquel and risperdal worked wonders for cancelling a trip while peaking. I have also used remeron to stop a very bad hbwr trip and while it definitely worked some it wasnt as good as the risperdal or seroquel.
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    Zyprexa should blunt psychedelic trip greatly, but note that it has side effects. Personally, I would rather take benzos to stop tripping.
    Also, we have The Big & Dandy Trip Abortion Thread.

    By the way, Am I the only one who noticed the recent increase of trip abortion questions?
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    I've personally taken zyprexa and other anti psychotics to stop a trip.. zyprexa is also an excellent sleep aid.. so basically what it will do is put you to sleep for possibly ten hours or more the first time you take it..
    Another anti psychotic i know from experience works in stopping DXM and also LSD trips is Seroquel puts you right to sleep.
    And the anti depressant Trazadone will also work to stop a trip again working as a sleep aid.

    I agree that benzo's do make lsd trips more manageable but if the person is freaking out too bad that they might be a threat to themself then something stronger would be necessary..
    But personally i wish lsd trips neverended lol..

    If it's a worst case scenario and you have none of these sort of chemicals which are prescription and you need to end a psychedelic experience the best method i can imagine is taking 4 or 5 Benadryl's depending on your weight you may only need 2.. but i am 200 pounds so I can take ten to twelve benadryls with the only side effect being dry eyes and dry mouth when i wake up and an up set stomach..
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