Thread: Possible kidney issue...IV meth (HELP!!)

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    Possible kidney issue...IV meth (HELP!!) 
    I've never posted anything here before so please excuse this if i'm violating any rules or guidelines...

    SWIMs just taken about half the usual amount SWIM does in an IV, of which has been done 2-6x daily for the last 3-4 months since SWIM began this binge. Lately (about 5-8 days) the experience has proven too harsh on the left arm, so after returning home from the desperately needed local NEEDExchange SWIM decided it a good idea to fix only to be disappointed in the dosage left over from the previous night. SWIM prepared everything, surprised by the usually low-potent shot having practically doubled once dissolved and inside syringe - the realisation was made: it's good stuff!

    SWIM decided to attempt at the right arm (for 1st time in life!) as SWAMs left experienced an unusual tingle/numbness last night from the moment of injection until bedtime. SWIM made it into vein upon 1st stab, registered once, removed dinosaur, registered again, hit. Slight burn, but nothing out of the ordinary, Then it started coming on, could feel a rush which was immediately replaced with a strange pressure in left nostril (like an air/gas trying to force through a clogged nose), not sure if thats the "call/cough" everyone rants and raves about as SWIMs never had it - only had extremely euphoric, dizzying, Thizz-like (ecstasy) feature.

    This "gassy-pressure" tapered off simultaneously with a solid-like pressure forming in the back left side of the lower abdomen. Exactly where SWIMs kidney is located. Pressure has subsided slightly, but still noticeable (and very worrying, SWIM might add). Also, the right arm has the same concerning numbness to it as the left had from the previous night.

    SWIM knows methamphetamine's filtered only through kidneys, therefore this pressure, SWIM can assume, is almost definitely a kidney and IS definitely IV related.

    SWIMs question isn't simply "what can SWIM do," or "should SWIM lay off awhile or see a doc?" As SWIM knows a Dr. should be seen ASAP or at least before the next shot...question is: has anyone else out there experienced these complications specifically from IV use? SWIM has no medical insurance with collections on arse already for year old ER visits. Is this a matter which can only be identified via a professionals prognosis? Or should/can SWIM be less of a hypochondriac(sp?) and just filter a few times instead of just once, maybe eat healthier/drink more fluids? SWIM uses only sterile supplies (including cottons, saline, alcohol swabs, etc.) obtained through NEEDExchange and is very careful, clean and observant. But, as was mentioned, a total hypochondriac!

    Please help as ER is last resort and SWIMS on the wayway to equip himself with more ammo to load up on (smoking/snorting/eating/"boofin" r outta q - makes crazy)

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    We don't use SWIM at Bluelight so please edit your post to use proper pronouns.

    .question is: has anyone else out there experienced these complications specifically from IV use?
    Stories of people being fine may delay a trip to the hospital and cause more harm, and stories of people not being fine will merely scare you. The decision to get medical help is one you are going to have to live with and therefore you will have to make.

    If you have any more questions feel free to PM me.

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