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    how many ativan do i need to get high 
    im prescribed to ativan two 1mg tabs a day, been taking them for about a month and a half and believe my tolerance is getting high.

    I often use them when i have hangover anxiety, taking up to 4mg within a few hours.

    iv never been high from benzos and was wondering if anyone would have an idea as to how many mg of ativan it would take to make me high?
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    if you've been taking 2-4mgs ativan regularly for anxiety, then you know how it makes you feel. taking huge doses won't make it feel all that much better. it'll just give you amnesia.
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    Ativan huh, lol here we go again...I can tell you from personal experience that taking too much of them for rec purposes can fuck you up piety bad man. Here are just a few symptoms from takin too many; amnesia, extremely slurred speech, impaired motor skills (like not putting your limbs out to stop you from falling, not to mention walking like a fucking zombie), hallucination yes I said hallucination.

    With no benzo tolerance at the time I took 8 mg of those ail within 15min. Now back in the year when I did that I could snort zanny bars and still work n shit. So I wasn't new to benzos by any means, anyways after taking all of em the following went down. It started by forgetting wtf I am doing right in the middle off the task. Then as I was rollin around in this building (big warehouse type setting) the rafters on the ceiling (like you'd also see in a gym) were fuckin wavy. Exactly how trees n shit bend n sway on shrooms, just like that and this immediately caught my eye. Man that shit was flowing like the ocean, but that only lasted for roughly 2 hours.

    Anyways the shitty thing about the problems with walking and talking is that you won't really notice them you will be walking all swaggerific lmao. So if your venturing into public have a chaperone and let them drive.

    All in all I wouldn't recommend doing it, if you want to go the rec route with benzo s them just go get some fucking xanax or at least klonopin.

    Swype evo 4g "Yee"
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    ativan won't get you high. read my posts on the shroomery as theyre all geared against these drugs

    I'm writing from the mental institution and I'm on prolixin and was on haldol. have done clozapines valium zyprexa daily for seven weeks. have done ativan

    the stuff aint for more than .001% of america. maybe more appropriate in other countries. if you have ADD or struggle with mutism or lots of stuff this is a horrible drug

    it aint like soft drugs like pot mushrooms dmt opium amphetamine etc. its way far out

    I'm here because they think I see imaginary people and hear voices. It's total bullshit as I'm actually just a computer man who talks on Teamspeak to people all around the world

    I have to go but the one thing I will say about haldol is it makes my eye muscles completely paralyzed! what a fucking nightmare. I love the hospital but I can't stand the drugs. I just pretend to swallow them though and then flush em down the toilet hehe
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    Well, first we don't know your exact tolerance to benzos, second we don't have any information on what other meds you are taking, and third everybody reacts or metabolizes drugs differently.

    So we cannot tell you how much ativan will get you "high". That's not harm reduction.
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    actually the thing about me is I suffered from a brain infection and meningitis for a good 6 months.

    I'm still recovering from 2 years of sinusitis and I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep for about a month and a half. I had to keep my head forward to prevent spreading it further and nobody believed the sinusitis story and I couldn't even talk because it would make the pressure worse so crazy shit happens I suppose when one doesn't sleep. trying to describe how I felt and acting bizzare and shit happening in the world, my dad thought I was doing meth or some crazy drugs. My friends thought I was out doing meth or something because I was just that strange cause I hadn't slept and so my friend called my dad and told him that I was wicked crazy. I stayed at home but if say I wanted to go on a simple walk, my dad thought I was crazy and wouldn't let me leave. Then he told me we were going to a check-up and he made up outright lies about me to have me committed which I found out about two months later. I have an letter from him now saying that he made stuff up to put me here. When I was here more stuff was made up about me and they forced me to take zyprexa. Then when I went to the hospital a couple months ago for oxygen treatment because I accidently inhaled over 2 oz's of bacteria that came from my head. I actually like refused to enter the hospital but all I wanted was oxygen treatment and I figured the worse thing that could happen is I'd be turned down. Well they looked up my medical record and saw I was diagnosed with psychotic disorder, so they assumed I was a crazy person seeking attention and trying to cause disruption especially because my mom took me in. Bacterial meningitis apparantly is too much for them to comprehend. I explained my symptoms directly calmy and perfectly and like a normal person and the hospital report about me is completely untrue. they put me in 4-points stuck a tube down my dick and sent me here. I don't have any schizophrenia crazy thoughts of hurting people etc at all and theyre giving me 3 times more than I can even survive with. I found out about the hospital report a month after the fact. Now they think I suffer visual and auditory hallucinations because when I got here I thought I'd be out in less than a week, ya know. They pack 50 people into a little hallway and so everything I say there's five more people that think I'm talking to them or talking to nobody
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    It's really not a good benzo for recreational use.

    You won't get much out of higher doses other than amnesia and sleeping too long
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    Quote Originally Posted by junglejuice View Post
    It's really not a good benzo for recreational use.
    ^a very subjective statement.

    but really you are not going to get much of a "high" from benzos unless you mix them with something else.

    I often use them when i have hangover anxiety
    holy shit, i have the worst anxiety after a night of heavy drinking. partly because i am worried about how i might have behaved, but it's definitely something else too. benzos help so much. help the physical symptoms too.
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    yes it is a good benzo for recreation and I would say don't do It I have with all my benzos and it takes alot to much and just taking it again and again you run out fast and if you have severe anxiety like I do its not a good idea but the recreation dose.Is as low as 1mg for low tolerence and 5mgs or even more for someone with high tolerence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hydroazuanacaine View Post
    ^a very subjective statement.

    but really you are not going to get much of a "high" from benzos unless you mix them with something else.

    holy shit, i have the worst anxiety after a night of heavy drinking. partly because i am worried about how i might have behaved, but it's definitely something else too. benzos help so much. help the physical symptoms too.
    they are heavenly when it comes to hangovers and as far as daily anxiety idk withdrawal scares the heck out of me
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