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    Where's the Euphoria? 
    Today I got rid of two 70mg Vyvanse for six 10mg generic Adderall ir
    I tried to look around online to see which method of taking it will be most effective for the euphoric rush.
    I really didn't find what I was looking for so I decided to go with my method of choice-snorting. Even though I am prescribed to Vyvanse I never take it because 70mg just wackes me out. I'm not myself on them so I have no tolerance to amphetamines.
    I crushed up 2 and snorted that and it didn't really do much of anything but I didn't expect too much with 20mg. Not too long ago(45 minutes) I sniffed up the other 40mg and again, it did really nothing.
    I can feel them kicking but it's not strong at all. I'm just very awake and I keep clenching my jaw. I don't feel bad, but nowhere close to an euphoric feeling
    Anyone else had this problem? I am not much of a pills guy so I'm not too worried. Just curious.

    Love & Peace,

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    do you have ADD/ADHD? if so you might not be getting the fun euphoric effects that people without ADD/ADHD get from it. then agian if you snorted that much i dont think it would matter if you have ADD/ADHD...does vyvanse give you some euphoria?

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    I do have ADD. No hyperness really but I can't stay focused to save my life. I agree. If I had some tolerance at least then it could make sense. When I just started taking Vyvanse it made me feel great but I think that was just a placebo. When I take it now (which is only on day when I really need to get stuff done) it makes me feel horrible. I don't eat so I get really tired, I am anti-social, and I constantly have to be doing something.

    I've been told the euphoric threshold of Vyvanse is around 150mg but if I took that I would be up for 36 hours straight. So it's not even worth it

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    try taking it orally

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    Yeah, next time I am not going to sniff it all away. Really I don't need to recreationally use Adderall anymore though. Who knows if I'll there again. I just hope that if I do decide to give it another shot, it is somewhat worth it. Sneezing up blue snot is not fun lol

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    vyvanse needs to be digested in order for it to turn into its active metabolite.. you might as well snort sugar.. because by snorting you are bypassing first pass metabolism which is where vyvanse turns into dextroamphetamine so basically you wasted drugs.. im glad you did though, i just wish you would have wasted all uppers since i hate them and people who do them (no offense) i wish everyone was a downer person.. life would be so much better.

    EDIT: Here pulled this up for ya-

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    I didn't snort Vyvanse. I know that doing that would do absolutely nothing. I don't like uppers really, I just haven't used them much so I wanted to experiment. I don't like downers though either. I think pills are the worst thing to abuse. I've been in some dark places because of pills (downers to be specific). I like weed, LSD, shrooms, and a drink every now and then. I don't want to start ranting about my opinions on what is best though. Whatever works for you is what is best for you

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    oh you snorted the adderall?
    sorry i misunderstood you on that, i guess i read your post to quickly.

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    None of us can tell you why you didn't get stronger effects and since all we can do is speculate, I'm going to close this.

    PM me if you have any questions.

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