Thread: Can you smoke adderall?

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    Can you smoke adderall? 
    (re-post got locked from other drug mod told me to put it in bdd)
    I recently went to the doctor and found out I have a deviated septum probably from snorting pills and I can't breathe enough through my nose to snort adderall so I was wondering if I crush the beads and smoke them like heroin on foil will it give me the intense rush I'm looking for or will it harm me. Thanks for you're responses
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    It won't work, it doesn't vaporize. All the fillers in the pill start to burn and release thick, nasty smoke before any amphetamine is vaporized. A couple of friends of mine have tried to do this, and they considered it a total failure.

    Honestly, just swallow your Adderall. IIRC, The bio availability isn't improved any by snorting, so there's not really a point to doing this anyway.
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    In my experience snorting them hits harder and faster than orally and I like the quick rush rather than being a little buzzed for a long time but if it's the only way that's what I'll do
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    Just for the record I didn't tell you to post this in BDD, I simply said basic dosing questions LIKE this belong over here. I thought our conversation via PM satisfied your question ? Haha i'm not yelling at your or anything, just curious.

    Smoking adderal will do nothing but harm. Inhaling vaporized plastic and other binders/fillers is no bueno for your lungs, circulatory system, brain, etc. If you are dealing with adderal XR, with the beads, the best way to ingest them is to crush the beads and take that orally. Alternatively, you can crush and the plug. Plugging would be more efficient and be the closest thing to a 'rush' you'll get, since you said snorting is not feasible any more.

    If you have snorted enough drugs to get a deviated septum, it may also be a good time to take a step back and seriously re-evaluate your drug use, and contemplate whether or not it is really worth it to continue on. I know it ain't easy, believe me. But there does come a time where enougth has been enough.

    Don't take offense or anything, just trying to help. You can always PM me as well.
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