Thread: Oxycodone IR Brand Comparison For Snorting [KVK Tech]

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    Oxycodone IR Brand Comparison For Snorting [KVK Tech] 
    Last week i was switched from Percocet 7.5/325 to Oxycodone 10mg. When I picked up my script I got the shitty Ethex brand. They are pretty big and hard as a rock, and since I snort 40mg at a time, my poor nose is putting on a good fight. I read on Wikipedia that KVK Tech makes them too, so I looked them up on pill identifier and a picture came up, they look very similar in size to the 15's and 30's.

    Are the KVK Tech 10mg Oxycodone the same size as the 15 and 30mg Oxycodone (Roxicodone)? The imprint is K 56. Also, are there any other brands that makes this? And does anyone have any experience with the KVK Tech 10's? How does 3 10's compare to 1 30?

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    The 10mg is smaller than the 30mg. I have had alot of trouble with my pharmacy lately. I have been on oxycodone (roxy's) 30mg for a few years now, and I have always gotten the M blocks (they have an M with a box around the M). But they switched to a different brand and they are smaller than the M blocks and have a K 9 imprint. To me, the M blocks are stronger. Im just wondering if its just me, or do the M blocks seem stronger to anyone else??

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    These type of brand comparisons are banned in BDD because the answer is they all contain the same amount of active drugs and differences between different brands are minimal. I left this open so that the OPs question regarding minimizing harm to his nose through information on the size of and ease with which the pills can be crushed and snorted could be answered.

    I'm thinking OP that your question might be a little specific but so long as people can stay on topic I'll leave it a bit longer and see.

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    ^Yeah, brand disputes aren't really allowed. They all contain the same amount of active ingredient, but the binders/fillers and effect the rate of absorption/metabolism. This could make you think they aren't as strong since they take longer to break down.

    In regards to snorting your 10mg oxycodones, have you considered making a liquid solution, and using a nasal spray bottle to administer your dose nasally? This will help absorption and reduce the dryness and whatnot happening in your nose.

    Besides that, oxycodone's bio-availability is greater when taken orally, so why not just swallow your oxycodone? I understand that snorting it is more 'fun', but scientifically it isn't any more effective. Just a suggestion.

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    Thanks moderator for leaving this open, I hope I can get an answer regarding if there are any other brands out there.

    And BrokedownPalace, I know that taking them orally has a greater bioavailability, however the speed in which it "hits" you sort of makes up for the 10%-20% bioavailability difference. Maybe ill try the nasal spray technique.

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    I know, I wasn't getting down on you for snorting them or anything, just stating the objective facts. I, too, also snorted my oxycontin for the majority of my pill days, before graduating to dope. I used to actually really like to chew up an 80, then rail another eighty once that one kicked in. (When my tolerance was up high obviously). But by doing that, I was able to get the best of both worlds. The longer lasting more efficient high, combined with the more harder hitting "rush" of railing some.

    I think if you filtered your solution then used a nasal spray bottle, it would be a bit more effective than snorting a line, simply because you wouldn't have all the random binders/fillers clogging up your nose, leaving just the Oxycodone/saline solution to be absorbed very rapidly. It would also help reduce the large amount of powder and eliminate the chance of half of it just dripping into your stomach, anyways.

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    -->bdd since its a basic drug question.

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    Watch what your snorting... 
    The K 9 imprints are definitely oxy 30 mg. This is an old thread but if anyones still getting K 9's watch out because they changed the formula and if you snort them your in for one hell of a burn in your nasal cavities. They also make you sort of sick so be careful. As for snorting multiple 10 mg's, all the acetaminophen is gonna wreak havoc on your liver. Just swallow those.

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    this was left open for a good reason, but it is not going anywhere. OP, if you want to know about the sizes of different generics, you can look up the different manufactures of your medication on and then go to the manufactures' sites to look up the pill's specifications--including exact weight.

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