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    (DMT/50mg) Experienced:The Tree of Knowledge 
    I loaded up my oil burner with approximately 50 milligrams from my latest DMT extraction yesterday, walked outside, sat on the steps on my friend's porch, and went to melting the DMT.

    The setting around me, was a beautiful front yard with a few trees and bushes on a nice winter day in Louisiana, with a lot of leaves on the ground. I thought this was a good place to smoke it.

    As the liquid began to heat up, and the smoke began to circulate, I slowly began to suck in the DMT and I got a very nice long hit. I tried to get a second hit in, but I could feel the effects starting to come almost instantly, so I placed the pipe down and sat back for the show.

    Seconds after sitting down the pipe and sitting back, I could feel the rush of that euphoric blast coming up my body, and everything in front of me began to come alive. This one tree, directly in front of me looked like it was trying to form a face, and it was as though the tree was another human being, or living animal. For a little while there, I thought perhaps the DMT high was allowing me to talk to the tree's DMT or something. The grass just kept moving up and down along with everything else, and everything was slowly coming together.

    About a minute in, I guess, everything, all of the colors just merged together and started spinning. The only thing I could see was like an image from those optical illusion books where you are suppose to look at it for a long time and see a hidden image. Except this shit was moving everywhere.

    After that faded, which was about two or three minutes maybe, things began to get similar to how it was before everything was just random colors. The tree stood tall, looking at me, like it was trying to communicate with me through thought, and the ground was moving like waves in an ocean. It was a very beautiful thing, a very beautiful thing indeed.

    I finally was able to stand up after about 5 minutes, and I walked inside feeling some really good euphoria, it was one of the best feelings I have ever had with a drug, similar to the peak of an LSD trip, but even better. Things would still move if I tried to focus, but the hallucinations were starting to fade. I eventually just laid down, enjoying the great body high for the next 20 minutes, in till the entire high just crept away from me. I then sat up and smiled.

    It was awesome.
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    Sounds like a really good trip, almost seems like a sort of buddha enlightenment trip with the tree and nature and all
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    Quote Originally Posted by dustin11928 View Post

    It was awesome.
    fuck yeah!
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