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    Atomic Bomb "Incense" 
    Hello, I've found this "herbal incense" called Atomic Bomb. Supposedly its the latest and most potent of the marijuana analogue chemicals. I'm 90% sure it doesn't contain any JWH, but does anyone know what it does have, or is it just another one of the numerous hoaxes targeting alternate high users?
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    Contrary to popular belief, the JWH's aren't actually scheduled yet. The DEA announced their intent to schedule but the JWH's haven't been placed in any of the schedule lists yet. So they're still technically legal. "Atomic Bomb Incense" may have those THC analogs or it may have other THC analogs (those that were not listed under the DEA's Intent To Schedule). Check out wikipedia, there are hundreds and hundreds of these things around and the RC chemists are coming up with more all the time.

    Sadly, unless somebody has submitted "Atomic Bomb Incense" to have a professional lab test done, we can't say for certain what, if anything, is in it. It is most likely one of the JWH's that wasn't listed by the DEA as going-to-be-illegal-soon-but-aren't-actually-illegal (but people think they're illegal because the DEA mentioned them).

    One of the places that openly sold Spice didn't carry it for a few weeks after the DEA announced intent to schedule, and now they're carrying different ones that most likely just have different JWH's or JWH-like THC analogs sprayed on them. Different states also have different drug laws so the contents of "Atomic Bomb Incense" may vary from state to state, depending on how broad-ranging their laws are. [I am, of course, assuming that you are in the United States, correct?]

    There is no real way to tell, and it is against Bluelight's rules to ask for drug IDs, since we don't know for sure, it will do more harm than good for people to speculate. If you want, you can always buy it and try it out.
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