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    Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds, my experience 
    I was recently digging through some posts on "legal" highs and discovered HBWS. I have always wanted to try LSD but I've never known anyone who could get it for me, and this seemed like a decent substitute or at least some training wheels for the real thing when I do finally manage to find it.

    I ordered up a small batch of 25 seeds from a reputable distributor (be sure that they aren't treated!), which arrived promptly later that week. The seeds are shaped kind of like tiny little black-eyed peas, except brown and woody. They didn't smell like anything and there was a huge label "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION." Ha, of course.

    I did a fair amount of research on the best way to prepare the seeds. Many people just chew them up and eat them. However, there is a toxin inside the HBW seeds that causes you to cramp up and become nauseous. Some people claim that it doesn't affect them, some people claim that it's horrible, and some folks say you just need to throw up once the high sinks in. This was also the most basic preparation so I decided that I would give it a shot first.

    I set aside 5 seeds, a dose which ought to be enough to experience some of the effects without going overboard. After washing them, I pop them in my mouth one at a time, chew them up and swallow them. I think I read in one of the accounts online that they taste like corn chips, and it's very true.

    I ate the seeds on a mostly empty stomach, lunch but no dinner. I don't feel anything for the first half an hour, then right around the hour mark I start to see things. Nothing huge, just light halos and slight movements, whirls and such. Soon after that, the cramps and the nausea sinks in. The nausea isn't unbearable, but I did have to focus to keep it in check. The cramps were painful, but also not unbearable. Mostly my legs cramped up and I kept wanting to stretch them to alleviate the discomfort, but it didn't help. So there I was, mildly hallucinating while feeling fairly nauseous and cramped. Lovely. This lasted for about 6 hours, at the end of which I felt the nausea trickle away and the cramps quit, but the hallucinations had ended probably 3 hours into the ordeal.

    So first impression, not very good. I obviously needed a larger dose to get the desired trip, but I definitely did not want to subject myself to the nausea and cramps that would go along with a larger dose.

    I still had plenty of seeds left over and I was determined to get my money's worth out of the damned things. A friend of mine had heard that you can take HWBS sublingually, that is "under the tongue." Interesting, I thought. Probably worth a shot, since you don't swallow the seed pulp and the poison is not water soluble you can avoid the nasty cramping and nausea.

    So my buddy and I rent a copy of of Tron and chill out in front of the TV, each of us have a small handful of seeds. We start the movie and pop a few seeds each and begin to chew them to a pulp. After I get a good pulp going I pushed the seeds under my tongue and held them there while I popped a few more seeds. Neither of us were too sure about how long it would take for them to hit us using this method. So after probably about 8 seeds each, we quit and focus on keeping the mush underneath our tongues. Which is actually much more difficult than it may sound due to the buildup of saliva and the inability to swallow it. I can only hold them in for a little over half an hour before I spit the mess out and drink some water to get the taste out of my mouth. Sadly, my brain now associates the corn-chip taste with the nausea I felt on my previous attempt and it is not at all happy with me for subjecting my taste buds to that nausea-inducing flavor again. Oh well.

    Another half an hour passes, I begin to feel something, but I'm not sure if it's the HWBS or just Tron's usual trippiness. I see minor visual artifacts... nothing much. Feeling maybe a little bit above baseline. I keep thinking that I'm on my way up, but it just never quite gets there. My friend kept his seeds in his mouth for longer than I did, and he also confirms that we are reaching only a little above baseline. An hour passes, the movie is over, and we are still trip-less. Very lame. My buddy head out, only to call me a short time later to report that he was getting some closed-eye visuals. Meh.

    I have also heard that you can grind the seeds and mix them in a water solution then filter out the pulp. Then you can drink the water, which now has some LSA in it since it is water soluble, but the poison remains in the seed pulp. I tried this method, but I ground the seeds up into fine powder with my grinder - way too fine. It proved impossible to filter out the pulp after mixing the powder in the water, since it pretty much just dissolved turning the water into a murky dark green liquid. I was not brave enough to give this concoction a shot, remembering back to the nasty side effects that I suffered with my first experience. I want to be sure to avoid that if at all possible. I may try this method again and be more careful not to grind the seeds up too much.

    So that's the extent of my experience with HWBS, although I am in the process of collecting the necessary materials to perform an extraction. I have heard good things about the LSA that you can pull out of these seeds and I'm eager to give it a shot. There are plenty of great tutorials on these forums and elsewhere on how to perform an extraction on these seeds so I don't think I'll get into that.

    Anyway, I hope my experiences help you guys out and I'd love to hear your comments.
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    Hey temporal,

    First off ergine itself is a potent vaso constrictor so the leg pain, headaches, chills and even some of the upset stomach is just part of the trip. LSA is also not know for being the best for visuals. It's generally much more of a head trip so to find really good visuals you might have to head into outer space.

    The process of ingesting HBWR is a difficult one. The main reason is because ergine is active in such tiny amounts and you are only dealing with micrograms of material. For example if you try and make an extraction or tea in water you have to be very careful to keep it away from any light and even trace chlorine in tap water might destroy a lot of your active ingredient.

    Because it is so hard to deal with extractions and such, a lot of people just eat the seeds so they don't miss out on any of the goodies. Unfortunately the seeds also contain a lot of other stomach upsetting ingredients (besides the desired ergine) which can make this method of dosing uncomfortable.

    So the tried and true method from my experience is the buccal/sub lingual method which you attempted. The only thing I would add to it is try grinding the seeds up first then placing them in your mouth and swishing them around/holding them there for an hour or so before spitting. I think people who have tried both swallowing and sublingual find that you need to increase your sublingual dose by about 30 to 50 percent. I don't know why this method didn't really work for you but I'd encourage you to try it again (perhaps you had tolerance from your first time still? I dunno).

    If you are going to do an extraction I'd recommend reading the article by Peter Webster in the 2nd edition of The Invisible College. It's ridiculously good info on all to do with LSA.

    Good Luck!
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    I will definitely give the sublingual another shot, then. The trip report that I saw up here described much more potent effects than what I experienced so I suspect it's possible to get more out of them.

    I didn't realize how fragile the active ingredient is in here, now I know why all the extractions call for filtered deionized water rather than from the tap. Hmmm...

    Thanks for the link, it is proving to be quite an interesting read! I will attempt an extraction once I understand the process a little better and post the results up here.
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