Thread: noob to iv drug use/ help to shoot coke safely

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    noob to iv drug use/ help to shoot coke safely 
    So as I stated, I am a noob to shooting (always heroin) been shooting for the past 4 months off and on, and more recently (past 3 weeks) every day multiple times a day.

    I have a tollerance to coke already ( I usually cook it and smook it) so Im not too worried bout shooting too much. I was thinking like half a point or so? Maybe even less. Its the best coke you can get, basically pure (dissolves clear into water) so Im not worried bout adulterants.

    1) How much water to mix with this small amount of cocaine.

    2) I just dissolve in water filter through cottin and slam it right? No heat?

    3) Is missing a shot of coke, way worse than missing one of heroin?

    I have missed my H a couple times, and havent had too many problems from it. I found that shooting in my arm I do alot better with 30 gauge needles so I should be ok from missing. with longer needles I shake and after registering sometimes knock out.

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    I highly doubt your cocaine is 'pure'. Just because it all dissolves, does not mean it is all cocaine. Cocaine can certainly be cut with other powders which dissolve in water.

    I used to shoot cocaine semi often back in my IV heroin days. When testing a new batch, I always snorted a bit to see how much i need to get high via insufflation. Once that is figured out, use maybe 1/3 of that for your first shot. It is better to do less, than OD obviously.

    It'll take a bit of trial and error to get your sweet spot. And yes you are correct, you just put the coke in the spoon, add maybe 40-50 units of water, stir a bit, filter, then bang away. Missing shots of anything isn't good, but missing shots of coke always seemed to do more damage to me.

    Also be careful of the compulsiveness of IV cocaine. It was one of my favorite highs, and many nights my ex-girl and I would easily do 30+ shots each of coke. Healthy shooting habits go straight out the window and by the morning we'd be using mad dull shit ass needles, destroying our arms and veins.

    If you areplanning on an IV coke sesh, stock up on a large supply of needles, andhave some benzos on hand for the come down.

    be careful!

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    There is a link to the IV mega-thread in my signature line below.

    Also check out this thread on IV'ing cocaine specifically, and this site has tons of information on safer injecting. There is also a link to micron filtering shots in my signature, which is important for reducing bacteria in your shot. Missing coke or heroin is just as dangerous, mainly because of the bacteria in the shot that can cause an abscess or more serious infections.

    Definitely no heat - it does nothing but get more binders/fillers into your system.

    All of this info is available via search and the Other Drugs Directory. Be sure to check 'em out before making new threads, many topics have been covered TONS of times before and there is a lot of good existing info!

    Because of that, I'm going to go ahead and close this. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns about this.
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