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    why does xanax cause hiccups 
    Is this just me, or do others experience this as well? It can be annoying. Is it just xanax or all benzos?
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    benzos relax muscles, so through that action it relaxes some sphincter that causes you to get hiccups.

    i dont know what sphincter it is and sorry to be so vague but all i know is that's why it happens.
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    Yeah its annoying when trying to smoke, but kinda to benzo'd out to care
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    rohpynol gives me bad gas, sometimes bouts of diahrrea. I plan on snorting these from now on, as obviously this would be the most logical method of consumption. Smoking seems to cause a gagging reflex, much worse than hiccups.
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    Whenever I combine Xanax with an opiate = hiccups.

    My guess is that it has to do with respiratory depression.
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    According to wikipedia, xanax, librium, valium, midazolam, versed, ativan... Maybe a few others, are all benzos which exhibit hiccups as a side effect. Things like electro-lyte balance, carbonated beverages, and allergic reactions can all cause hiccups.
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    Once i got hold of a load of 5 mg diazepam & decided to take 30 mg. I had the hiccups for like 6 hours!
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    i personally think it's because your mouth and throat get dry when on xanax and then if you try to eat your stomach uses the food to help push fluids up twards your very dry throat
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    I've been taking xanax daily for 8+ of the past 10 years. And opiates near daily the past 10 years, as well. Never gotten hiccups.
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    i was in class and my teacher asked me, what the fuck is wrong with you, and I just started laughing... well I was on benzos after all, so I didn't care that everyone was pissed off that I as hiccuping all class long.
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    This seems to happen primarily with higher doses for most...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueLightBeam View Post
    I've been taking xanax daily for 8+ of the past 10 years. And opiates near daily the past 10 years, as well. Never gotten hiccups.
    you probably just forget every time lol.
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    Your diaphragm, which causes hiccups, is a muscle so it would make sense if a muscle relaxer may cause hiccups.
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