Thread: MPA (methiopropamine) first time- decent when smoked

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    MPA (methiopropamine) first time- decent when smoked 
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    i recieved 500mg of methiopropamine today. it is an off white, clumpy powder. very dull, no shine or sparkle at all. it looked alot more than 500mg.

    prior drug experience: cocaine, amphetmine (sulphate), mephedrone, methylone, MDMA, assorted pills, cannabis, ketamine, methoxetamine, 6-APB, amt, psilocybin mushrooms, salvia, nitrous, alcohol, opium


    T+00:00 insufflated 30mg. quite smooth on the nose, however it is very light and much of it blew back into my throat causing me to cough. tastes and smells exactly like street amphetamine.

    T+00:05 maybe some mild stimulation, could be placebo but feeling lighter.

    T+00:15 definate mild stimulation, light body and feeling vaguely floaty. smoking is enjoyable and fresh air feels nice. ablility to play pool is not enhanced.

    T+00:30 about 30mg vaporised. got about three good hits from the vaporiser.almost immediatly as i finish, a warm rush creeps through my body. like the rushes just as one comes up on mdma but weaker. now getting nice stimulation and my body feels warm and very comfortable, feeling some mild pleasantness mentally but this drug seems to be mainly very physical.

    T+ 01:30 the warm rush has faded and just left with mild stimulation again and a slightly lightheaded feeling. no comedown yet to speak of.

    T+ 02:00 have gotten home and loaded up another 20mg into the vape. nice warm rush creeps over me. i get fairly horny at this point. sit at laptop feeling nice and chatty. get the urge to be nicer to people and desperate to find conversation, reminiscent of mephedrone though nowhere near as strong.

    T+ 02:30 have just dropped from being ''very high'' to ''high'' which has induced some mild anxiety and a very strong urge to redose, i limit myself to smoking the residue in the vape.

    T+ 06:00 have redosed every hour and a half or so and kicked the fiending between times with residue from the bulb. this is a very fiendy drug, mephedrone league though not quite that bad. will call it a night soon

    all in all, very clean high, no scatiness or large pupils etc. nothing to write home about but worth a try if you've got money to burn. however a warning, do not do any kind of stressful physical activity on this. i had to run to catch a bus and it sent my heartrate rocketing and gave me stabbing chest pains which subsided after about 15 minutes.

    just to note my heart rate was around 80bpm throughout.
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    Did you experience any amphetamine or methamphetamine like euphoria with MPA?

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    Sorry, but live reports aren't allowed.

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