Thread: Why does no one grow poppy plants?

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    Why does no one grow poppy plants? 
    So I got a question. People grow weed, shrooms. Why does no one grow heroin? I know it comes from the poppy plant. It needs a certain environment to grow in, but we make enviorments to grow marijuana. I also though of quanity. Usually I hear fields of poppy plants. Do you need a lot of poppy plants to make a little bit of heroin? I'm not an expert on my drugs like some of these bluelighters, I just take them! But I'm not a retard.

    So basically my question is this: what is stopping me from growing heroin in my closet?

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    I was thinking this too.

    Here in the U.K it's legal to grow papaver somniferums but I've yet to meet anyone who bothers.

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    U.S and Canada it is illegal. Poppies get huge, require a large amount of sunlight, and have a fairly low yield per pod, so it is not conducive to indoor growing without some sort of green house operation going on.

    I've heard of people sowing them in forest clearings or fields in rural areas (likely not their own property). Just have to hope no one sees you (or is waiting for you) during harvesting I guess.

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    I´m from Denmark,and I have seen a few that did it.But many here use Poppys to make tea when they stumple over them in the nature.I was on an Island camp 5 years ago,and one day we had walked a long trip,we suddenly stood in front of a little field,filled with white/blueish Opium plants,and many of them had thrown the petals,so they were almost ripe.One of my friends took down in the camp,and brought some gear back.Then he sat down,and started to take heads off,and put the milk down in a spoon with water.After he had used around 20-30,he boiled it,used some cotton,and up in the syringe.We told him dont do it,you can get a bad "shaker" (I dont know what its called in English,but I think you know what I mean).Well he took the shot,and got real high.He also got a little headache because he did get a little "shaker",but it was pretty good stuff.
    But me think ther best way is to make a good strong tea of it.Then you can get high as a kite without any side effects.
    As far as I know its legal to grow them here too.

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    You can grow OUNCES of pot in a closet whereas you could grow maybe a gram of opium in that space and what? Two bags worth of heroin if you're very lucky?

    You would need ACRES to get anything worthwhile and even then its a tedious, laborious process to collect all of the opium and even THEN, you would need the sufficient skills and equipment to turn it into diacetylmorphine.

    If it were feasible, people would be doing it. There is a reason that this stuff is grown in areas such as Afghanistan and SE Asia where the standard of living is shit and they're desperate (and have space).

    Regarding growing legality in the US- they sell papaver somniferum seeds at flower shops and they're widely available online. Growing them is technically illegal (considered manufacturing a Schedule II substance) however this is rarely prosecuted unless intent can be demonstrated.

    This really isn't OD material and I don't know of any forum I could send this to where this type of discussion would be acceptable. There are certainly other sites out there that do cater to this type of discussion, but its just too far outside the realm of harm reduction for here.
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