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    Weird Relationship Between Food And Oxycodone 
    I've been lurking on here for a few years now, but now have a reason to ask for some help, if possible. I could really use some advise regarding an odd problem with my use of insulfated oxycodone and eating or not eating food.

    I have been using between 30 and 50mg of oxy for a couple years now. I had been using upwards of 50 a year ago, but have since weened myself back down closer towards 30-35 per day. I normally have some 2x per day, about 15mg each time. These doses are spaced out by at least 7 hours. My issue is regarding food in between these times, and it's positive or negative effects on the oxy.

    My main concern is that if I don't eat quite a bit of food before bed, the next day I'll wake up with a mild to moderate headache. I thought this may be related to a lack of fluids, but have found out this is not the problem. I more or less have to feel stuffed before bed to wake up the next day feeling refreshed. Furthermore, when I don't eat enough food before bed, I sleep terribly waking up every hour or two and tossing and turning. When full, I usually sleep much more soundly and wake up the next day feeling great. In either case I don't wake up with any symptoms of withdrawal, so I don't think there's any relation with that.

    On nights when I don't have enough food, any oxy I have after I wake up will have little to no effect on me, regardless if I eat before that intake or not. The headache that I wake up with does not go away with that intake, but will usually subside as the day goes on as long as I ate before the oxy that day.

    Additionally, I always have a few hundred calories before I have my first dose of the day. However, if I don't eat before this time, or don't eat enough, the oxy will have little to no effect on me. If I eat nothing at all I'll develop a splitting headache that only goes away the next day. This happens even if I wake up feeling fine. I know of the positive relationship between opiates and fatty foods, and I find that this relationship holds true for me as well, although the difference isn't that big.

    If I do eat enough food before bed, and before my first intake, the effects of the oxy will be what I need/know them to be for pain and euphoria. I can go weeks at a time like this, but now and then I will run into my problem. It's annoying more than anything.

    I know the answer to this question is to eat plenty of food. I'm just wondering why if I don't my body acts this way. I've talked with a few of my friends about it who also do oxy, and they pretty much think it's crazy. They seem unaffected by food, eating on an empty stomach or full makes no difference for them.

    Any insight into my situation would be greatly appreciated.
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    that's pretty strange to me. I've heard of fatty foods potentiating the effects of oxymorphone, but not oxycodone. perhaps there is some relation between the two
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    the headache i notice is from lack of sleep
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    Fatty meal (wings chinese food whateva), + 2 tums + 2 aleve.

    Makes my 2 30mg roxys feel like 2 and a half, and not to mention lasts about an hour longer.

    The fatty meals allows the oxy to absorb better Im pretty sure
    Tums will slow down the metabolism
    The aleve, naproxen, is just an adjuvant pain reliever than enhances the pain killing properties of the oxy.

    Quote Originally Posted by comatoserct View Post
    that's pretty strange to me. I've heard of fatty foods potentiating the effects of oxymorphone, but not oxycodone. perhaps there is some relation between the two
    OxyMORPHONE is a metabolyte of OxyCODONE so the food potentiation with oxycodone is probably explained by that.
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