Thread: Mixing Heroin and Clonidine: Potentiator or Pointless?

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    Mixing Heroin and Clonidine: Potentiator or Pointless? 
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    I've looked in many places, including here, and while i find the topic mentioned repeatedly, I've yet to find concise info dedicated solely to Clonidine and heroin being mixed.

    Some background info: I've been using for about a year now, iv'ing about the last 6 months, my daily habit varies depending on the monetary situation, but I do about .25-.75g a day. I've built quite a tolerance, even the .15g I usually do in a good shot fails to get me very high or a rush, I can do .25 and it's nothing special either, the cost prevents me from doing that much often though. I plan on quitting for a week or two to bring the tolerance down, but I'd like to get good and high before then. Ive been looking into ULD naloxone, it sounds promising, but that's for another thread, plus I don't have easy access to it. I do have easy access to Clonidine though, which I've also heard is a good Potentiator, which brings me to my questions:

    Is Clonidine a good Potentiator? If so, is shooting it with the dope going to be the best way to do it? How much should I do, both H and Clonidine?

    I DO NOT care about shooting pills, binders and what have you, I'm a heroin addict for christs sake, it wont be the first time something questionable has gone in my arm.

    TL/DR: Tolerance too high. Clonidine a good Potentiator? Should I shoot, how much? Don't care about shooting pills, please don't reply "OMG dont shoot pills!! Theirs BINDERS! They're sooo bad". Idk, I see that constantly it seems.

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    Its not going to potentiate the euphoria in the LEAST bit.

    It will exacerbate many of the side effects such as hypotension and respiratory depression thus making it potentially VERY dangerous.

    There are lots of threads discussing safer ways to potentiate opiates and here is a great place to start. Please direct further questions/discussion of potentiators there.

    Also check out the directory link in my signature and use the search function to find even more information.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Lastly, if you don't want advice on how to reduce harm (e.g. in regards to intravenous use of pills) then don't come on a harm reduction forum.

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