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    Opiate tolerance 
    Is a tolerance to opiates a permanent thing? if someone had been taking say 2 oc 80s a day for a couple months then w/d would their tolerance return to zero after a couple days or weeks or months?
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    It depends who you ask.

    Generally, I think if you use a strong opiate for a long period of time (6 months +) then you will have a small amount of permanent tolerance that will decrease over time but probably never back to zero. Most tolerance can be gotten rid of though over a number of years.

    When you get into this topic you also have the issue of 'loss of magic' however, which I believe I finally have experienced with oxycodone, even though I'm keeping up with tolerance (increasing dose).
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    Tolerance to opiates (and benzos and amphetamines, ugh) isn't FOREVER, but it may as well be.

    As far as the loss of magic goes, yeah. That's the part of opiate use that starts many people down the road to addiction. Chasing those first few highs, the magic. But yeah, it depends on who you ask. I'm sure some other people will disagree with me, I'm just going by my experiences.
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    Tolerance can be lowered with an extended period of abstinence. However, it will return much, much quicker than it originally developed.
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    You'll never get back the experience you had your first few times using but if you quit long enough after using for an extended period, I'm talking more than a few months, your tolerance will be almost reset.
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    ^^The amount of time needed for this to occur can vary greatly, and is often measured in months, even years.
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    I agree with others. In my experience, going for long periods of time without an opiate will reset my tolerance, but it will return much quicker than before. For example, I might be able to dose just 20 mg of oxycodone like in the good ol' days and get high, but the next dose I take will probably be twice that amount. In other words, I'm back to where I was before in an instant.
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