Thread: DAYTRANA-Calling for anyone and everyone.

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    DAYTRANA-Calling for anyone and everyone. 
    Ok guys, so after doing some research, I can't find any really good info on how to abuse daytrana. Basically I heard that you can chew it like gum. I'm not sure if youre supposed to swallow the spit or not, so if someone could tell me that it would be nice. I have once tried to do daytrana orally...I put it onto the bottom of my tongue which I heard was supposed to be good. I felt extremely nauseous, to the point where I had to sit down. I just need some good, clear information about how to use daytrana. I've heard only good things about chewing it, but the one experience I had was terrible.

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    Just put it in your cheek. Be careful not to do too much though. You may want to start with only a quarter of a patch or so. I don't know how many mgs the patch is so I can't really give you any better advice aside from being careful and know how much you are taking, or not doing it at all.

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