Thread: Smoking phentermine?

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    Smoking phentermine? 
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    I have used phentermine a few times over the last few months and have come to enjoy it's effects. I have insuflated phentermine in the form of adipex many times. If one was to obtain around 75mg pure phentermine freebase powder would smoking via foil, lightbulb, etc. provide stronger effects for a short amount of time like oxycodone? or would it just be a waste? I have looked around a llittle bit and could not find anything on the subject.

    If smoking is not a waste of time would it be moderately east to convert phentermine hcl into freebase?
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    Just eat it (hell [plug/snort it).. the bio availiability is high enough and smoking destroys some unless you're a pro.

    Phentermine isn't really recreational, any way you cut it.

    Phentermine freebase would probably be an oily corrosive liquid but could be made the same way you freebase anything else.
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    Isnt this a diet pill or something?
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    ^yeah its a diet pill but its scheduled 4. ive tried it once cause my friends mom has a shit load she got perscribed and didnt take, and although not as strong as adderall, it gets the job done
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