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    Meth / beta blockers.... and..... Meth / aspirin 
    Searched this topic and jus found mixed reviews... So is takin a few beta blockers(propranolol) ok while on Meth?

    And I heard aspirin increases ur high while on Meth...
    I always take A few when I start my comedown but someone told me pre loading with them will actually intensify my high? Any truth to this statement?
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    ^ I can't think of a reason aspirin would intensify the high. It can reduce the possibility of blood clots forming, but if you are at risk of that happening you should avoid substances that induce vasoconstriction and higher blood pressure anyway.

    Propanolol is fine with methamphetamine, in rats it has shown some ability to prevent methamphetamine induced seizures and death. Mixing it with cocaine though can lead to myocardial infarction.
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    I use to take lopressor (metorprolol?) with amps and was fine. It's not something you want to get your body used to though, because then you won't feel normal unless you have it.
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