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Thread: Mind Melt - legal powder?

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    Mind Melt - legal powder? 
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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about this "mind melt" or tried it at all?

    I bought two grams of it recently and polished them off in one night. I don't remember very much after taking it or what the effects were, but I do remember thinking that I enjoyed it.

    I can't seem to find information about it or a shop selling it anywhere on the internet. I purchased mine from a local headshop for 15 per gram.

    I have been told by a friend that mind melt was a mephedrone/methylone mix which was sold when the two were both legal and recently a new version has become available from the same company which apparently shares the same or similar packaging to save money?

    If this is true, I'd like to know what it actually contains and if anyone can share their experiences on it, I would really appreciate it

    this is an image of the packaging that I found on Google, which was really hard to find too. Mine looked similar to that and it contained a bag of the powder, which was stapled through at the top to hold it in place. (yeah, i thought the staple was in a really stupid place seeing as it was stuck through the part of the bag that was holding the contents)

    Thanks in advance
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    So were you homeless when you took it??
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    he was making an ass remark about how this thread is in 'homless thread'

    Anywho, I have not heard of this, but you might want to try out advanced Drug discussion and mention those two drugs and see what you get. Or OD(Other Drugs)

    I've been trying to research this drug and have found NOTHING.
    Im pretty sure you got jacked , or they just sold you a drug and told you the slang term for it.

    Ah, found it,
    The drug is comparable to MDMA, from what I read, , it is an upper, and can be dangerous due to the fact that it can up your heart BPM 60-80 with 100mg.

    "Methylone is great. Not as good as MDMA but very close. It doesn't last quite as long and there is a little less of the empathogenic qualities. But on a good note the crash isn't as hard and I haven't really noticed a loss of the "magic" with pretty frequent use (2-3 times per week.) "

    "i ended up getting mephedrone but didnt really like it. the high was very short (1.5-2 hours) but the stimulation went on for man more hours afterwords. i was expecting to roll but the high felt more like coke with a hint of x. uppers were never really my thing, tho i think that if someone likes coke, then they will go nuts over mephedrone."

    "200mg mephedrone+200mg mephedrone orally it,s a good combo, very close to MDMA "

    Both quotes from another place , Just figured Id throw that out there, as that was about all I could find, hope it helps a bit

    Sent you a Private message , from where I got the quotes, its another forum, Didn't know if I should post it in the thread or not , dunno if the mods would approve.
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