Thread: Methiopropamine (MPA) vs Methamphetamine

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    Methiopropamine (MPA) vs Methamphetamine 
    Well it goes without saying that the whole hype bout this chemical is it's near identical structure to methamphetamine.

    The similarities and differences have been talked bout a little hear and there, but not in a single thread. What I'm most curious about is:

    since it's in the racemic salt, I'm guessing the peripheral stimulation (especially heart palpitations) must be worse than typical meth?

    since it seems to only work good if smoked, does smoking it give you an divine rush like meth? how does it generally compare to meths euphoria

    people also tend to say it's more shorter acting and less harsh of a comedown than it's brother. if the comedown isn't as bad than it makes sense that it'd be compensated for a less intense euphoria, or maybe it's cause it's shorter acting so your brain doesnt get drained of it's dopamine for as long as meth would

    damn my thumb is numb from typing that all on an iPod.

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    ^ From what I've read in the Methiopropamine thread, it is shorter acting and not as intense in terms of euphoria. And that even when smoked it takes a little while to come on.

    How do we know it's being sold as the racemic salt? How do we know which enantiomer is the more active? It's easy to make assumptions based on methamphetamine, but this is a different compound and could be very different in properties.

    From what has been written, it does seem as though vasoconstriction is somewhat more intense then with methamphetamine, haven't seen any blood pressure tests yet though.
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