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    Do you tell your doctor you smoke pot? 
    Ok, so every time I go to the clinic to see my doctor the first thing the nurse asks me is "do you smoke" which I think is a tricky question. I never smoke tobacco, but I smoke/vape pot every day (mostly vape). I am an honest person and I know that there is doctor patient confidentiality, and I care about my health. But the last few times I went to the doctor it was really obvious that they didnt know shit about pot and they told me that it is unhealthy and I should quit because she didn't want to see me get into "trouble". I tried to explain that I generally use a vaporizer and the doctor had never heard of one, and when I tried to explain that how it works and that there is no actual smoke, she told me that she is pretty sure that cannabis in any form is harmful to your body and can affect hormones. Basically she kept trying to tell me to quit, but she said it in a way where I could tell that she knew that I was not going to be convinced, but she had to tell me the "facts" anyway because it is her job. My question is, should I continue to be honest with my doctors about my happy habit knowing that they are ignorant and square, or should I just keep it to myself?

    PS. I only go to doctors that are women. Male doctors scare the shit out of me.

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    You will get mixed responses with this but my advice from EXPERIENCE is DO NOT tell them. Tell her you quit and feel so much better without it haha. I have seen many doctors begin to look at patients differently when they learn they recreationally use drugs, even cannabis. Telling her can DEFINATLY affect the care she will give you in the future and she will likely assume you will try to abuse any med she gives you.

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    yeah, never say a thing.

    i remember i had to go to a phyc ward kind of place for school for yelling at a teacher (school these days, its getting rediculous, why do they need cops in a highschool blue collar town?)
    and they asked me if i did shrooms, weed, blablabla.

    i said yes to weed, and NO to shrooms

    if i told him i did shrooms, i would have probably had to stay
    cuz shrooms DO fuck wit your mind.
    but basically, dont say anything, they can write it down and put it in a record, and whats the point of that?

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    Of course, there not there to get you in trouble. They need to know what is the status of your health.

    When i had a lung infection they asked me if i smoked, i said not cigs. He said marijuana? And i repeated yes, its medicinal.

    He recomended i use water pipes, and vaporizors to reduce the toxins entering my body.

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    I once told a medical doctor I went to see that I smoked herb. I'd told him how I had smoked cigars and cigs before.

    He assumed that I smoked pot daily and that I smoked a lot of herb.

    At the time I only smoked 1-3X a month on weekends, maybe a few hits from a bowl or one hitter, when I was not busy working or taking college classes. I never went back to see him.

    I know you shouldn't keep secrets from doctors but if a doctor is going to be judgmental and assume things about his/her patient that aren't true that's not a good thing.

    I don't know of any doctor except maybe an oncologist who would react favorably or positive to having a patient tell them that they smoke herb.

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    I do not understand the need for people to tell anyone especially your fucking Doctor these are one of the most anti-cannabis people you can find on the planet? Your only asking to fuck yourself over later in life on pain medication because your Doc will judge you as a junky because you smoke illegal substances nice job though.

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    It's strange cuz now that you mention it, I've never kept anything from my doctor. Now I'm not sure that's a good thing. If they asked me anything, I would be honest. It was fine with my family doctor. Doing drugs didn't seem to disappoint her or anything. However, if anyone has a psychiatrist, I don't think it would be too good to tell them. I felt like I needed help so I ended up telling them my drug history. Some of them were ok with it. One just wanted to send me to rehab. I guess it really depends on your connection with the doctor and if you think they'll understand, ya know?

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    I made an appointment with one of those clinics that just gives medical marijuana recommendations for this Tuesday to see if I can get a med card. Obviously my primary doctor is completely ignorant & square since she had never even heard of a vaporizor. Im going to tell them that I smoke to manage my anxiety and hopefully they will write me the referral. Ill let you all know how it goes on Tuesday night.

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    I don't smoke cigs but do ganja, and I tell my doctor everything I do if needs be - no point in hiding stuff - if they become unhelpful at all, they can fuck off, and I'll write a formal complaint, but luckily I've never come across this yet.

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    I wonder why the medical profession is so institutionally anti-cannabis?

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    I think if you're asked its not a bad thing to tell them...perhaps downplay it if you do smoke daily, but I've done that and never had it seem to change their care. I said it to a student counselor person once and they wouldn't stop focusing on it though and revolved every question around it, so I stopped going because she wouldn't stop even when I wanted to talk about other things or get advice on them. We aren't here to tell you what to tell a doctor, but I think in my case they always appreciated the honesty and knew I was there for a legitimate issue...of course, I'm 23 and up until about 19 no health professional ever asked about it, so if you are under 18 (which I'm sure some of you are) it might be a slightly different situation.

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    I never told my pain clinic doctor that I smoked weed and one day he pulled a urine and blood test on me "to verify I was taking my meds" and when it came back positive for THC and Benzo's(which my shrink precribes) he was like "I suspected you were using illegal drugs! ! blah blah blah,,and cut me off the sorry bastard, tapering me off OC's and Methadone after 5 years daily use(only 6 months from him though) , tapering me off in two weeks worth of pills as he prescribed them. I took the scripts, told him to "fuck off" and left and the next week(this was a friday) I was getting pills from another Doctor.
    My shrink I told all about my weed use,cocaine,pills, opaites,etc.. and I said I had quit all that except for weed on occasion,which "I was cutting out smoking" lol...HE was cool about it all though.Of course he was not running a pain management/ pill mill like the other quack!
    Now my shrink asks me about other patients drug use issues, no names of course ,but asks me about if this drug would cause this problem after X days off of it? type stuff, although he knows I studyed Psychiatry in College and was the highest grade in the classes of all psych students till I dropped

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    I tell my doctor every drug I do from marijuana to heroin. Honesty between you and your doctor is extremely important as long there is a bond and they know you are not addicted. My honesty with everyone around me about my drug use keeps me in check with addiction because I don't ever need to hide it.

    My doctor does regular check ups, does not agree with my lifestyle but respects my choices. It is not their position to stop what you do but to check your health and keep you healthy by offering advice and showing you changes in your body.

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    I did and the doctor told my mom, I was like what the fuck? She already knew, and I told him that but I did say I did it a few weeks ago, and my mom was questioning how, was pretty stupid shit, I didn't care, but privacy.

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    basically as long as you aren't worried about something you dont really need to say anything about your personal life.

    no point of having "marijuana" on your record, when in 5 years you might not even be smoking. either way, you can always tell your new doctor.

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    I suppose it would be a different story if I was under 18, but I am 20 years old and don't live with my parents anymore. I am pretty much always honest with everyone because I am not ashamed of anything that I do. I dont like the idea of having to lie to my doctor (or anyone) because I am not ashamed of my habit. I will quit if I need to, but I am planning on going to grad school for the next 4-5 years so it will be a while before I have to worry about getting a "real" job.

    Over a year, my doctor told me that I was obese and that my cholesterol and triglycerides were dangerously high and that if I didnt change my lifestyle that I would be at risk for heart disease. This was before I ever told my doctor that I smoked. Since this scared the shit out of me I started making an effort to be healthier and lower my cholesterol. I became a vegetarian and lost around 40 pounds. (All while smoking pot frequently). When I went back a couple months ago my doctor was really happy when I told her about all of the changes that I made to lose weight and lower my cholesterol. This was when I told her that I smoke marijuana and she was really surprised and all the stuff I mentioned in my first post.

    The reason I started this thread was because I thought it was good to be completely honest with my doctor, but a friend told me that you should NEVER tell your doctor that you smoke pot and I wasn't sure quite why it was such a big deal.

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    I have never told my doctor I smoke pot. I mean if he specifically asked I would say yes, but it's really my personal business that doesn't affect him.

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    I would like to tell my doctor just so they could document everything thats going right with me even though i smoke weed. I don't think it would be smart to do though because of the possibility of being judged by someone who may need to per scribe you painkillers and stuff in the future. I told a therapist that i smoked, but thats why my parents took me too him. He was a great a guy though he didn't judge me for it he actually helped me manage my smoking and still make my parents happy. I could ramble more but i won't. Anyway i told a psychiatrist that "used" to smoke when i was getting ADD meds per scribed. and he gave a me a lecture about how horrible it would be if i mixed "cannabis with medication." my ass, i love taking some adderall smoking bowl and reading a book.

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    I've found I can trust doctors, they always advise however that the weed smoking is likely the cause of my headaches, which is usually why I go to the doctors, i'm done harpng on them for painkillers though, they don't believe you either way and just tr to filter out the extreme sufferes from the whiners I guess, I look to healthy to have anything wrong with me... lol

    But they usually BLAME the weed on my ailments once i mention them.

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    i wouldent tell them it may effect what they prescribe you later on..and they will try to blame weed on alot of your problems

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    No. I went to the doc over some severe anxiety back in 2008. He asked if i smoked anything illegal i just slowly shook my head saying no. He would without doubt have blamed my anxiety on the pot even tho it had nothing to do with it, & i imagine he would never have given me the short term sedatives which would have been awful.

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    I agree; I can't see any reason to tell your doc you enjoy toking, unless you're there specifically for a respiratory problem. It's just going to lead to a lower chance of being prescribed meds, due to perceived 'drug seeking' or some similarly-worded bullshit.

    I always struggle with the 'do you smoke?' question. My usual answer is 'I don't smoke cigarettes', with subtle emphasis.

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    Its funny reading all of these posts like "DONT TELL THEM ITS NOT EVEN BAD FOR YOU THEYLL CALL THE DEA AND BUST YOUR ASS!!!!!". Smoking weed everyday is bad for you and I can just hear all the indignant responses to this now but all bullshit aside burning organic stuff makes carcinogens which are proven to cause all kind of problems in your body. The actual impact it has on your health is small and not relevant to your overall well being but your doctor still has a duty to tell you its bad for your health. That said your doctor sounds like a tool who would say drinking 4 or 5 beers a day is fine but that anything illegal is no good. Change doctors right away and file a complaint about improper personal feelings making an impact on how you were treated. You should always be honest with your doctor about your body or else they wont be able to fully help you stay healthy.

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    of course i do. what's the point in having a doctor you lie to?

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    That's funny you say that, I told him the other day. In fact, it turns out he's quite pro cannabis

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