Thread: Opana ( oxymorphone ) first time vs Oxycontin ( oxycodone ) experienced

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    Opana ( oxymorphone ) first time vs Oxycontin ( oxycodone ) experienced 
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    Hey all,

    I am an avid Oxycodone user. I have always been interested in Opana-- Oxymorphone. I've read much on it... some say it's worthless, others say its the Cadillac of opiates. I have a strong tolerance to opiates so my experience probably varies to other ppl. I thought I'd share my first time with Opana and explain how I feel it differs with oxycodone, since so many people who havn't tried it are interested in an in depth account on how the two are similar and different.

    I scored a number of Opana 40s. fyi-- Opana orally is 2x the strength of oc, and insufflated, it is supposedly 4-6x the potency. This means 40mg of opana should compare to 160-200mg of oc-- theoretically!

    I picked up my yellow octagon Opanas. I was thrilled-- the shape and look of them is exciting... it looks luxurious and interesting (unlike the terrible, crude 224 oxycodone 30s I had been sniffing recently due to OC80s being hard & expensive to score).

    I started with a quarter. 10mg opana should equal 50-60mg OC, none the less, so it would be more than enough to start my night with. I ground it down with the coating still on and sniffed it up (coating is thin and inconsequential to my sniffing, unlike the more tenacious oxycontin peel). My first thoughts were that it was disappointing how little powder it made for what would supposedly have the effects of 50-60mg oc. I know filler is usually bad, but I miss the perfect amount of filler/drug that an OC80 has. Too little filler is possible... although usually preferred over too much. Its good to have just enough filler so u can have a fun night & enjoy the ritual of snorting. Opana & ur dosed with a sniff so small you cant even detect it in your mucous membranes (a feeling I always correlated with a pleasant high in my near horizons and learned to enjoy).

    Opana kicks in EXTREMELY slowly. IT took 20-30 minutes before the effects kicked in. The taste is plastic like and it clogs the nose a little. Not as tasty as OC. Soon I felt warm, comfy, and relaxed. i realized my tolerance is high so I took another 10mg down so I'd get a full effect feel of the Opana. Before getting into further detail, i'd like to say my 20mg of Opana felt comparable to 70mg of oc by the end of the night.

    Now--- the best way to describe an Opana high is like this. Oxymorphone, you see, is a metabolite of Oxycodone. This means when you do Oxycodone, oxymorphone is produced as it is metabolized in your liver, thus making any oxycodone user familiar with Opanas effects since Opana (oxymorphone) is a component of an Oxycodone high. Oxycodone, of course, does not produce enough oxymorphone to make an oxycodone user have the same experience as a person using pure oxymorphone. The above being said is a starting point to understand the feelings associated with an Oxymorphone high. Basically, Oxymorphone feels exactly as it can be explained chemically.. it feels like you have taken a single attribute of Oxycodone, isolated it, and amplified it. The feeling that is isolated in oxymorphone is the specific feeling of warmth, comfort, euphoria, relaxation and a bit (but not all) of the stimulant effect oxycodone users enjoy. Oxymorphone is a very subtle high---the spectrum of its effects are very few, but specific in its ability to generate good feelings (mood lift w/ physical comfort - Euphoria). The feeling can be subtle enough that at moments its feelings can almost go undetectable-- the "high" and "buzz" can be lacking-- the one which intoxicated you a little that OC has. It didn't make me as noddy as some say it does, but it provides this really pleasant feeling of mental and physical comfort that is amplified in comparison to the equal feeling Oxycodone produces. Basically, oxymorphone is one of the best parts of oxycodone in isolation. As an OC user, I often feel dissapointed with all other opiates because they are not my D.O.C--- with Opana, I ALMOST feel right at home. Its effects are familiar to an OC user; just further refined.

    Oxymorphone is very powerful & capable of bringing great pleasure to the human body and mind in some ways. When too much is done (which can be easy) it can cause stomach pain and dizzyness and feelings of discomfort (easier than oxycodone can). Although oxymorphone amplifies one of OC's best effects, it isn't the whole package of OC. Oxycodone posses the same effect oxymorphone has to a slightly lesser extent, but ALSO has a number of other effects that make it feel like a more complete package. It provides a greater stimulant rush, and more of a buzz and high. An intoxication. It is less subtle than oxymorphone--- it's effects are more noticeable and provides a much broader high experience, while Opana may be argued to provide a deeper experience. Opana tickles one part of the brain very well, but Oxycodone tickles more areas of the brain to the extent that it makes up for its inability to tickle that one part as well as Opana does. As it boils down, I suppose they are both great drugs and it is left to preference on which style you prefer more.

    OC80 is the most popular drug in the world for a reason. As a pill, it is and always will be the most wonderful pill to abuse. It contains the perfect amount of powder, which is of the perfect consistency, and perfect taste. You can sniff it, eat it, smoke it, plug it, or shoot it-- whatever you choice is, it will suit you well. The high of an OC80 is incomparable to anything else. Ive done heroin, and much prefer the alert and stimulating high OC has, even if the euphoria is a bit less than H. It doesnt dope you up like H-- it leaves u able to work & function in business & personal settings. Opana is a great drug too-- it's effects are second only to OC's. It just doesnt have the whole package an OC80 has--- the powder is not enough, the taste/plastic is not as good, the onset takes 30 minutes and HAS to be snorted (no other feasible option), and the high is very enjoyable and greater than OC in some ways, but OC takes the cake in other ways. The OC high is the perfect opiate high-- subtle but strong, intoxicatingly euphoric while leaving you functional. A mood lift like no other. Opana's strength is a plus, however, since one 40mg can provide so much pleasure to a snorter. The high lasts long as well-- slightly longer than oxycodone I'd say. Oxycodone wins, but Opana is great and I will continue to enjoy it's specific refined effects which my mood may call for at times, or go great in combination wtih some OC =)

    Tell m e what you guys think--- do you fee the same way? I'm interested to hear!
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    Really great trip report, nicely done. I have some Opana ER's but have yet to try railing them. I'm actually one of those weirdos that prefers hydrocodone to oxycodone. :-)
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    Opana ER is the my DOC. I've been scripted it for over 1 year. Please note if you value your Oxycodone use the Opana in extreme moderation. One week long binge and Oxycodone will seem like aspirin. I can rail 4 80s back to back and not get the relief 40mgs of Opana provides. Guess I am lucky because I have read some mixed reviews about Opana from some users.
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    good report
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    #5 know your stuff,,very helpful man(or woman)
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    Good report. I had the ER 30's for awhile last year and just didn't get the same from it as I do Oxy. I by no means am experienced as some people but my tolerance has steadily gone up over the last little bit to where I can function as you said in social/work related settings after crushing an 80 and hitting it several times a day. The Opana was an odd character.. I did the same research to find out the mg to mg dose etc.. and started on 10 then tried 15. The 10 didn't give much of anything and the 15 made me hurl like the girl in the Exorcist. Also the goop when insufflated was just crazy. I got switched back to perc 10 and tab 10 by the doc and still track down those beautiful 80's. Thanks.
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    I agree opana is easy to get sick on.

    I have no tolerance and started with about 3.5 mg up the nose, got me wayy high. Tried 5 mg, made me get sick. Thin line between awsome and overdone. Now it takes me 5mg to get high :/

    Gotta go on an opiate break after tonight.
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    I love Opana's they are my all time favorite...I think that they are much stronger then Oxycodone 30 mg. That is Just what I think. The only they I don't like about them is they make is so SICK the next day if I don't have any opiates. I hate having to go through withdrawal. It's the worst thing in the world! Does anyone know anyway to get through withdrawal with out feeling like your going to DIE...Please let me know! I have been doing opiates for about 10 years now and they only that makes me wanna stop is be DOPE SICK...I can't do SUBOXONE makes my heart beat funny...I'm really at a lost here trying to find ways to not be in withdrawal...
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