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    dxm extraction problems HELP! 
    Im trying to extact using the agent lemon method.
    ive done this succesfully about a million times

    this time..its not seperating..

    ive added extra naptha a few times and used a LOT more than usual....

    alls that i get at the top is a bunch of bubbles NO clear layer........and as i said theres a shit ton of napatha init

    what am i doing wrong

    i filtered out the top few inches of the red shit w bubbles....and added water and more napatha shook it and rebagged it.. and i also added some napatha too the rest of it and bagged that up. and both are hanging with again no clear layer ... HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLP
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    There's something wrong with the base you're supposed to add to the cough syrup before the naphta. You added either too little or too weak base to the mixture. I don't think you can add more base afterwards, so toss the whole shit away and better luck next time.
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    you should be able to add base...

    I dont see any reason why it wont work, as long as your bass is soluble in water, and not in nonpolar solvents.

    I dont know specifics about the DXM extraction, but if it works similar to DMT then you can most certainly add more base later while in the separation process with no problems....
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    Yes, you CAN add more base, just add a little at a time until it seperates for you. Or you can try adding some salt..
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