OK, I'm thinking in order to reduce nose damage and to take it easily and discreetly, I want to fill up a nasal spray bottle with water and cocaine.

I know the site has various bits on it, I've already searched. I just need to know the basics:

1) Water and coke - is that all?
2) If so, what's the ratio advised?
3) I've also come across a thread about filtering. Whilst I don't want to go through all that effort in the thread I found, I'm thinking that mixing the coke in water then passing through coffee filter paper would filter out some of the shit in the cut and not affect the amount of coke in there? Or will the water left on the filter have a significant amount of coke on it and thus be wasted?
4) Also, where can I get a nasal spray? Chemist? The one I got from there is a sealed unit.

Maybe sticky this to save all the basics about it? I couldn't seem to find straight a straight answer through searching.