Thread: Prescribing Tussionex for chronic cough

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    Prescribing Tussionex for chronic cough 
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    Hey everyone, for the past 4-6 months I have been going to my general practitioner at a family clinic in Texas. I have had a crazy cough that they keep on diagnosing me as just a common cold, and they have prescribed me various cough syrups ranging from the pathetic Cheratussin, to the prescription that has actually worked - Tussionex. I have gone back countless times to get a refill / be re-diagnosed so I can get Tussionex again, but they only rarely prescribe me it, even when I explain to them that the Tussionex is the only thing currently working. I am getting unbelievably sick of playing the prescription roller-coaster when I have found a medication that works, but it seems that the doctors see me as a drug seeker.

    To be honest, I have had this cough a good majority of my life, and to finally find relief is a godsend, I really would prefer to be on the Tussionex long term (which is something a doctor never wants to hear), but the benefits outweigh the negatives.

    Are there any doctors that would be more inclined to prescribe me the Tussionex without treating me as a drug seeker? I'm thinking about going to a pain management clinic, explaining my story honestly, and seeing if I could get on a long term prescription that way.

    Or, would there be some other way that would be easier to be prescribed the Tussionex on a more long term basis? Any suggestions would be great, and sorry for typing so much. I just really hate having a doctor not trust me, so I guess I'm willing to do whatever it takes to actually get the medication that I know works for me.

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    to be honest i have never ever heard of tussinex being prescribed on a long term basis it is used for when someone gets sick and has a bad cough for a short period of time but then again i have never heard of someone having a chron ic cough their whole life. Do u have some kind of ilness that makes u cough all the time? Also i am pretty sure that pain clinics dont take people for coughs. they r for people with back problems etc. so i seriously doubt any one would take u when u tell them u want to come in for a cough. tussinex is awesome but i just dont see any doc giving it to u long term. best wishes though

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    I hate to say it but I agree with curlygirl, most doctors will approach this the same way your doctor does. Tussionex isn't indicated for long-term use anyway, I've been scripted it several times by the same doctor (for acute coughs, not chronic) and even though it has always been months between the scripts he is also getting suspicious, even though Tussionex is the only thing that works for me as well...due to tolerance to opiates, my doctor is aware that I have a tolerance although he's never asked why I have one

    Pain clinics are just that, pain clinics, I doubt they would write you a prescription for Tussionex anyway.

    On the other hand, you should still talk to your doctor, be honest with him. Tell him that Tussionex is the only thing that works...he will probably want to figure out what the underlying condition is that's causing you to cough so much in the first place.

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    If you have a cough that is that persistent, then you need to worry about finding the origin and addressing that and not just treating the symptoms. If you're just looking to score, we're not going to help you with that.

    Unfortunately, neither scenario is appropriate for this forum. Legitimate medical necessity should be taken to health care professionals and sourcing discussion is not allowed. If you'd like further clarification, check out our forum guidelines and posting standards in my signature and feel free to private message me if you have any questions.

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