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    how to plug percocet? 
    Well, I am new here and have just heard a new way to get a buzz off my percs I just heard about 'plugging'.

    Currently I take 4-5mg. perc's at a time.

    I heard plugging them gives a person a quicker, better buzz with less 'meds'

    Is this true?

    Could I use a syringe used to give babies their medicine?

    I only have four (4) percs left for today and certainly don't want to waste any.

    SO, how do I go about the plugging system?

    is this a question appropriate for this forum?

    How many would I have to use to get the high I get on the 4 I take now at a time?

    Should I wait until tomorrow when I get some more?

    I'll take any and all other information anyone can offer-AND PLEASE COULD SOMEONE -WHO KNOWS- PLEASE ANSWER THIS AT THE EARLIEST TIME?

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    I use a regular insulin syringe with the point taken off and the tip melted until its nice and smooth. The plunger is great for pushing it in. I don't think you'll need to bother with a cold water extraction for only 4 pills. I've only done one booty bump and it's not unpleasant. I thought I would have to use the bathroom right away, but no. Some people say plugging is second only to IV. I hope you get your desired effect!
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    you need to plug it super slowly, like i mean REALLY slowly, because the APAP:OC ratio is so high if you do it too fast you wont absorb the OC. honestly, i would just eat them, try drinking some white grapefruit juice 45-30 mins before you take them orally
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    fuck that shit

    if you been taking 3-4 everyday and you got 4 left your tolerance is already fucked up a little

    its not worth putting something in your ass

    grapefruit juice i tried it...didnt work for me but maybe im just old fashioned

    but just eat them shits with some benadryl and enjoy life
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    I have tried them with grapefruit cocktail, and I just took 4 with some grapefruit juice I squeezed right out of the fruit itself.
    AND I always chew them, too.

    I take, on a regular day, between 15-20 5mg. percocet. It's too hard to get the oxy's.

    What I went out and bought was syringe you give a baby medicine with. Is that OK?
    I would not know what kind of syringe to ask for. As for the cold water thing to get rid of the tylenol stuff, I really have no idea what to do. I've heard of it-just never felt I needed to as I don't plan on injecting anything into any vein.

    I just, and I mean just, in the past 24 hours even heard of plugging.

    I might be getting a few oxy's tomorrow through a friend. Not sure what strength, but I think the 10's; maybe a 20mg.

    SO, with my baby syringe would I just crush the pill add the warm water and then shove it up?
    How long do I need to stay in the same position so it doesn't drip out.

    ALSO, I have chronic constipation. Would/could this impede the effectiveness of this method.

    This really is all so crazy, as I am going into detox in the next couple of weeks!

    I know, it's ridiculous to start this now.
    I'm just very curious to see if it can and would work.

    thanks to those of you who answered.

    And what is the cold water method to remove the tylenol stuff?
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    SO, here's how it went down...

    was with a friend who did have some oxy's.

    We did the pre work, y'know crushing, adding a bit of water, blah, blah...AND then, well, not much of anything, really. Was waiting for a powerful burst of euphoria-never happened. Oh, I got a nice quiet buzz-that's all. I didn't even last long.
    All and all, as I see it, it's not worth all the 'work', and really the wasting of expensive pills!

    Nope, not for me; for unless I did something wrong-though I don't see how that could have happened, as it's not exactly rocket science, I'll still to chewing. Oh, I'll add the grapefruit juice. That does work.

    And that the sad short story of me and plugging!
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    yea it is kind of whack
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    Quote Originally Posted by isthisbetter View Post
    ALSO, I have chronic constipation. Would/could this impede the effectiveness of this method.
    Yes. Very much.

    I personally don't think that plugging is the most effective route for oxycodone, even if your bowels are empty and spring fresh clean. No legs/High oral BA.

    But if you run into morphine IR somewhere down the line, you'll probably want to re-visit the method.

    Plugging is very effective for certain medications. There are good, specific threads on this issue on BL. If you're interested for future use, check them out.
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