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    Smoking Syrian Rue seeds -- no extract 
    Hi all,

    Have a huge bounty of SR seeds and saw some reference on line of folks smoking the seeds, mildly crushed. Reports? Thoughts? Experiences?

    Extraction not an option at present.
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    Should work, I don't think that the ALL the harmala alkaloids are broken down by heat, though some are converted to others. I don't know exactly which will survive: probably harmine, as I believe that's the most stable one, being more simple with fewer groups that can break off compared to harmaline and tetrahydroharmaline, amongst others.

    I think you would need a lot though, probably you would have to smoke at least two entire grams of the stuff, which seems to me like a hell of a job...

    And extractions are really simple, man. Do you have access to water? Then you can make an extraction. Lemon juice helps but if you extract several times without it shouldn't be an issue.

    You might as well just crush and swallow the seeds whole, to be honest, instead of smoking them. But are you really interested in ingesting MAOIs without a tryptamine?
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    Are you expecting some kind of positive effect from smoking syrian rue? You don't get a positive effect from even eating the fucking things unless you combine them with DMT.
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    I've drunk them in teas many times to wonderful effect. Just not able to do an acid:base + reduction in present circumstance. Plus have about a pound of them....
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    you actually can get very noticable effects from even mild reversible MAOIs such as harmine, and harmaline , and tetrohydroharmaline...

    In fact, often, shamen in the amazon will brew ayahuasca without a DMT containing admixture, simply for the effects of the caapi, which I would like to think are based on more than just spiritual beliefs , and also observable via science, but I dont know.

    Usually the caapi only brews are A HUGE DOSE of harmalas, like 200 grams of caapi instead of 40grams or something ridiculous like that.

    I dont know the content difference between SR and caapi though....

    I doubt smoking even a few grams of the stuff will do much though

    at least not as much as if you just eat it (brew it and drink it)

    Dont be expecting very psychedelic effects like visuals etc...

    For me, caapi on its own just sort of gives me a positive, relaxing energy. I am comfortable , but kinda on edgy if I dose too much it can get uncomfortable.

    I smoke caapi leaves and usually have to smoke a few joints or bowls worth to get any noticeable effect, and its hard to judge because its not an instant effect, rather it subtly begins to happen, then eventually you realize you feel A LOT different then before.

    Now that I think of it, harmalas seem to be very active at tiny doses (as far as combining with tryptamines goes) and easily smokable in a plant leaf with no extract, its very possible that smoking the seeds could be efficient enough.......

    Do and do tell.
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    Do and do tell.
    Will do.
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    *** as ALWAYS careful careful careful with MAOIs -- wrong combo can fuck you up massive **** this is serious ***

    Now on with it...

    Smoked about a half g of seeds, just punched up by a small hammer in a newspaper folder.

    Very nice buzz. Took a bath and colours seem lovely and am calmed down from a cranky day. Thought it was over but getting the rolling waves. It's probably 45 minutes in, took maybe 3 or 4 minutes to come on. Waaaaaaaaaaaay nicer than smoking yopo beans. I was in the middle of a woddlands thinking "why would anyone ever take drugs?" but this is quite pleasant.

    I drank some seeds from the same batch and they seem more potent than ones I've had in the past.

    The smoke was rather stinky -- not unlike the tea. The smell seems to be gone. It's a bit like roasted coffee.
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    More later -- subtle effect. Very nice. I find Syrian Rue one of the most beniign intoxicants.

    I find the vibe somewhere between booze, Mdma, mushrooms & pot.
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    It wasn't awful awful. I smoke cigarettes and drink my coffee black so prolly not that sensitive. It was pretty stinky for a bit but the smoke dissipated quickly.

    It was a low dose and I'm both experienced and sensitive. One thing I didn't feel from it, and I'll have to play around and see if this stays the same -- I didn't feel any of the Ancientness that I often feel with SR seeds.

    It's an odd dimension to the experience -- I've felt it in teas on its own and in combos with other tryptamines. On higher doses of ayahuasca type combinations I've felt past life stuff bubbling up.

    I'd say go for it, but do be careful with an MAOI. I'm thinking of trying it next on shrooms and see which impossible land that gets me to.
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