Thread: Codeine (150mg) - Some Experience - Itchy as Fuck

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    Codeine (150mg) - Some Experience - Itchy as Fuck 
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    Drug: Tylenol 3 - (300mg acetaminophen, 30mg codeine, 15mg caffeine each) x 5

    7:45 pm - ingested 5 tylenol 3's on an empty stomach..
    8:15 pm - ate a chik-fil-a salad
    8:20 pm - i'm itchy as fuck, uncomfortably itchy.. something tells me it wasn't the salad.. mild euphoria, certainly outweighed by the itching though
    8:40 pm - still really fucking itchy, pulsing sensation on head

    the moral of this story: codeine sucks, stick to hydro or oxy. my head is really itchy and i feel like i'm getting hives on the side of my head. i wish i had some benadryl with me, but i'm at the library..

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