Thread: OxyContin - how long does it actually last when swallowing whole?

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    OxyContin - how long does it actually last when swallowing whole? 
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    Purdue claims it lasts 12 hours when swallowing whole. But I have heard anywhere from 6-10 hours or so.

    Also, my other question is how much Oxycodone is released within the first hour or so? Let's just say I swallowed a 40mg OxyContin pill.

    I have never really swallowed OxyContin whole. Always been chewed or crushed and snorted. But as I just got a prescription for about 12 OxyContin 40's to taper down and get off. These questions come to mind.

    Thanks very much.

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    From past experience I'd guess 10 hours at least. Like you I always chew them and get a good 5 hour buzz. OC is not plentiful in my area, so I have only a basic opiate tolerance. Good luck.

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    Lasts roughly 8 hours for me, I'm prescribed it 80mg 3 times a day. The pill releases 30-40% of the dose right away and the rest, in a perfect world, over "12 hours". So of your 40mg you're getting around 15mg right away, give or take.

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