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    MS Contin with chitosan 
    Ok so i just acquired 60mg of ms contin in the form of 4 blue 15's and also went and got some chitosan. How do i go about using the chitosan to increase the BA of the MS Contin? Do i eat the chitosan then snort the ms contin, or do i break down the chitosan with the ms contin?? Or should i snort some chitosan, then snort the ms contin?
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    From an old post when this idea first started gaining steam:

    Quote Originally Posted by morphonorconic
    First, I sniff a small amount of chitosan powder into each nostril and let it sit and do its thing for several minutes.* Then, I add about one part chitosan for every 20 parts morphine sulphate and mix it homogeneusly before insufflation. And I find that it is extremely important with time-realease morphine sulfate that it be crushed into as fine a powder as possible to avoid unnessecary delay of the delivery into your system. They say that chitosan is very bioadhesive and increases the spreading and adhering of the powder mix over the nasal membranes. It is also said that it is able to increase overall amount absorbed by the membranes by opening up otherwise inactive receptacles in which the morphine can be absorbed. So in a sense, seemingly, chitosan opens the barrier that is responsible for morphine's poor nasal absorbtion.
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