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    If you take Hydrocodone right after eating.... 
    Will it kill the affect? And if so, how long should you wait after eating?

    I just tool 3 after eating...usually that woe have me feeling great, but I feel nothing at all and it's been over an hour.
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    yes, having food in your stomach will affect it alot. Thats why your supposed to pop them on an empty stomach
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    Food is a high's worst enemy, completely destroys any type of high. so befoere you start poppin any tyoe of pill make sure you dont eat 3 hours befroe and 2-3 hours after you have taken them ( time could vary depends on what drug.)

    But as a rule of thumb for any drug is to not eat for a while, full effects kick in and your sky high.
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    The only way food doesnt affect a high is if your using a way to get high that doesnt involve taking them, snorting smoking etc.
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    I notice a big difference having an empty stomach compared to not.

    Defiantly take them on an empty stomach for a better time.
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    My whole eating schedule (minimal as it is) is structured around the pills I will eat and when. I almost always want an empty stomach, which is why I've lost so much weight this last year.

    When you take a pill with food in your stomach, it can't get directly absorbed through the stomach lining or gastro-intestinal tract. It's like putting up a wall in a corridor you want to walk through quickly. It's a waste.

    Eat pills you want a good, quick high from on an empty stomach.
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    I never take opiates on an empty stomach. I eat something light about an hour before ingesting meds & I feel the full effects of the meds. Just dont eat anything heavy. I know alot of people like to take meds on an empty stomach but I get sick if my stomach is completely empty.
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