Thread: How to find heroin?

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    How to find heroin? 
    Hello. Now before you delete this, this is NOT SOURCING. I'm not asking for a particular person who has it, I'm asking HOW to find someone who does. I live in the Boston area, in the cities like chelsea, malden, etc. I am able to find bud no problem obviously. I don't know anyone who does heroin or anyone who has it. None of the dealers I know where to get it either. The only 'junkies' I see are at the Needle Exchange in Cambridge, but I'm not sure if I should ask them there, as they may be risking getting shut down or something. Anyway, the point is, how would I be able to buy it on the street? I don't want to be arrested or ripped off obviously, but I'm not sure how I'd even ask. I'd probably seem like a cop or something, and I don't really look like someone who does drugs... Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch guys.

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