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    simple a/b extraction for d-amphetamine 
    Okay, so let's say I've got some precription meds containing (more or less, vyvance) d-amp laying around. I already know that I can use some enzyme suppliments containing trypsin at about 4:1 to the vyvanse (e.g. 70mg vyvanse combines with ~300mg trypsin). First question: will the other enzymes present in the supplements interfere with the chemical process? Should I denature before attempting an a/b extraction?

    Okay, second, let's say I successfully convert to d-amp. What is a good, simple a/b extraction? On hand I have lye, xylene, acetone, citric acid, and could easily get hcl. Are these solvents, acids, and bases sufficient? Or should I do my best to obtain methylene chloride for the non-polar solvent? Also, what steps should I use? First I should acidify, down to about a ph of 3-4, correct? Then I should mix and extract the non-polar layer and mix with an aqueous basic solution of about 13-14, correct? Then should I find a means to combine with HCL so I end up with a salt and not a freebase? I'd really like to do this because I don't always need 12 hours of stim and it would be nice to administer d-amp as I see fit, so I could take something at 5 and be done by midnight.
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    Okay I think I have everything I need to perform the experiment, and I found this:

    "Render the pH alkaline, 10 is enough. Extract with DCM 3x. Dry combine DCM-phases over Na2SO4. Filter and evaporate to dryness. Et voilá, amphetamine free base, probably with very high purity.

    I hope A/B-extraction is not considered as 'synth discussion', 'cause there is actually nothing synthesized here.

    Peace! Murphy"

    The only thing I don't understand is what it means to "dry combine". I searched high and low and could not find a clear definition of this technique. Is this simply taking the DCM and pouring it over Na2SO4 like in a coffee filter?
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    Dry combine means you combine them while dry, i.e. keeping water out of the mix.
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