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    Fake Heroin 
    Hey i got a couple question.IM REALLY NEW TO H! ive done h 2 times now and i dont know if i have a good h connect but i recently bought <snip> worth and was really surprised. it was about the size of a small coffee bean. and it was semi hard like one too. it was basically a small coffee bean soaked in a sticky brown liquid. and the smell was very painfully alarming. SO i cut a piece off and smoked it and was REALLY high. but i have never gotten that jizzing feeling people talk about hahahaha. SOOO the point of this whole thing is.... am i getting real shit?. o and if it helps i live in san diego, California
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    You have heroin.

    Smells like vinegar, tastes like crap, feels amazing. Heroin.

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    but am i getting ripped off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenDollarBagel View Post
    but am i getting ripped off?
    that's a question that's not easily answered. sounds like you are buying real black tar heroin. sounds like you're getting a decent amount for the price.

    but if you continue to use heroin, you will be getting ripped off. it'll be ripping your life off. you'll be giving away your morals and much more.

    don't want to come down hard on you, just want you to think about what you are getting into before you start down this road. i never thought it would happen to me, but guess did. i gave up everything for heroin, and i didn't have a choice.

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    It definitely sounds like heroin.

    We can't talk about prices and such here though, so I edited that out of your post. I think your question has been pretty much answered, so I'm going to go ahead and close this.

    Please PM me if you have any questions about this.

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