Thread: Please Help, New Exalgo Hydromorphone IV?

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    Please Help, New Exalgo Hydromorphone IV? 
    Ok so after searching the shit out of this thing I came to a conclusion that there is no information on how to IV these bastards. I looked through all the threads on how to do the OPs but can find nothing on the new Diluadid (sp?) pills. They are yellow but black and white underneath the yellow coating and have another clear coat underneath the original. So yesterday I tried and when i mixed the crushed up (more like clumps) of pill with water they gelled up and obviously couldnt be shot. Does ANYONE know what I can do to make this pill shootable? I'm super sick right now and even eating the gel or the pill with all the coating off didnt really do much... Please help...

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    No extraction tech available yet, I think they use OROS time release system like Concerta, which is defeatable. Exalgo sucks, we still have HydromorphContin in Canada, they're nice in 24 or 30mg especially .

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    question... i followed the direction for doing the OPs and got a syruping solution and injected anyways due to frustration and wasting a couple pills, in hind sight I realize that this may have been a bad idea and im a little nervous.... do you know the repercussions of injecting a syrupy solution?

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    As kurrupt mentioned, the time release on that pill resembles the one found on concerta. The member 'lenses' created a a very comprehensive thread on defeating that time release and making it suitable for IV so check that out if you're interested.

    Since you didn't wait for more responses and just shot it anyway, I'll go ahead and close this.

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