Thread: does color have anything to do with quality

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    does color have anything to do with quality 
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    for those heroin users that IV powder, do you think the color of the heroin has anything to do with the quality. maybe it's a mental thing but i always get excited when i put the water in the spoon and the powder turns really dark, like iced tea. for me it seems like when the liquid is a nice dark color like cola it is usually very strong. not everytime but more so than not. although i've had some fire that was light tan color.

    this week the dope i've been getting for the past few weeks was not yellow but not real dark. the dope itself was quite good. todays bags were strange. when i put the water on it it was cloudy and darker. not muddy like when you can't even draw it through the filter but it wasn't clear. i never use heat, just cold cook. i drew it up in the rig and it was cloudy. it didn't have a problem filtering and it didn't leave a film behind. the cotton was a little darker than normal. it seemed stronger than usual and it's been very good.

    if you are in the philly area and come across white bags with mortal double stamped in red, in zip-lock bags becareful. it's stronger than usual and it has strange properties that weren't there last week.

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    the color can sometimes be a sign of how potent it if your buying heroin that use to be black tar sticky heroin, and it was cut with lactose(which is white) to make it less potent and make more product to sell obviously....then in that case, the lighter the dope is in color, the less potent it is, and the darker it is in color, the more potent it would be.
    But that would all be different if it was a different kind of heroin, such as the infamous "china white"....for obvious reasons, the color of china white would indicate different potencies than the color of black tar, etc...

    so long story short....the color doesnt really determine how potent the heroin is, unless you know the type (or #) the original heroin was before it was cut...only then you would know what color its supposed to be. But 99% of the time, you have no way of knowing that.

    It takes practice, experience, and know how, along with common sense, to figure out how potent heroin is before you use it. There are alot of factors including smell, color, consistency, etc....and even then, nothings a guarantee.

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    IME, color has nothing to do with how good it is. I have grey shit that'll put your dick in the dirt. And I've had tan stuff that was just as good. I've also had various shades of brown and have it all be decent gear.

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