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    Snorting caffiene pills 
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    I've heard many reports on snorting various caffeine pills such as No-Doz, Vivarin, Stay awake ect ect. I had to try it out for myself(out of boredom)

    after like 5 minutes i was more awake than a jack rabbit on steroids, and i drink coffee chronically. all day i was awake and all night. i believe it's 10x better than drinking coffee and having to piss a lot. all those idiots who say it burn, are just cutting it wrong, clearly. they aren't making it fine enough, or doing too much at once or their nose is stuffy all ready which is blocking it.

    I've been experimenting with it, been snorting it for a week, and i haven't felt tired even slightly yet. i can sleep fine when i decide to, but during the times i want to be awake i am very alert.

    tell me your thoughts on this along with personal testimonies if you've tried it.

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    This is by far my favourite post ever. It's all the subtleties: Thread location, Jack Rabbits on Steroids (now that is awake!), peeing being ten times worse than not peeing (he believes), those idiots who are cutting their caffeine pills wrong before snorting them (excuse me "clearly cutting their pills wrong"). Wow and all this joy I got just by reading this (out of boredom).

    clap clap clap

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    i'm not sure about the meaning of this thread..

    but i've snorted caffeine pills (no-doz i think) and they don't burn the slightest bit but snorting them does work nicely..

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    be careful with caffine bro it may seem harmless but it can do some major damage. i read some bloke ate like 2 table spoons of caffine powder and a energry drink. he started throwing up blood and was put in the hospitable and died later that night...
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    This thread is going nowhere really - Im not sure if I should move it to other drugs or just close it and be done with?

    Ill move to other drugs and see if anyone else is snorting caffeine pills.

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    i got a drug problem: i need twice the amount to get fucked off them.
    Seems trolly.

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    Awesome first post~!! (((runs to store and buys caffeine))

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    OD is for harm reduction for recreational drug use... since caffeine is not recreational and there's absolutely no reason TO snort these pills, I don't see a reason for this to stay open.

    PM me if you have any questions.

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