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    adderall and klonopin withdrawal 
    I've been taking 20mg adderall and around 1 mg klonopin everyday for over a year now. I want to get off them soon because I already take an antidepressant and its just too many drugs. What would be the best method of withdrawal? I was thinking of either tapering off both or stopping the adderall cold turkey and then attempting to get of klonopin. What do you think? I've heard the horrors of benzo withdrawal and was wondering if my symptoms would be less severe since I take the klonopin primarily to get rid of some of the speedy effects of adderall.
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    The symptoms aren't less or more severe depending on "why" you take them, it depends on how long you've been taking them and what dose. Luckily your only on 1mg but you have been on them for a year so you should taper. Taper 0.25mg every month. The Adderall you could go cold turkey unless you want to taper it to 10mg for a month and then go off it. That is a low dose though so cold turkey would be fine.
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    Thanks for the reply! I don't know what's up with me and adderall. I'm really psychologically addicted to it. I'm prescribed 20mg, but I usually take at least 30, so I run out too fast and then feel lazy and depressed. I weigh 100 lbs by the way.
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    I would recommend trying to stop and see how it goes.

    Before you let yourself get caught in your own thoughts about fear of withdrawal, you should see how you fare first. People often develop phobias to withdrawals, without actually knowing how bad they will be.

    See how you do with cutting back or stopping, then depending on how you do can determine what course of action you should take
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    The Adderall could ease the benzo withdrawals and/or the benzos could ease the psychologically withdrawals from the amphetamines (Adderall). Depending on how the drugs effect you and what works best for you personally.

    So whichever one you decide, focus on getting off that med first then you can focus on the other one. I wouldn't attempt to come off both at once just as I'd find that alot harder than 1 at a time.

    I'm scripted the same combo (8x 5mg dexamphetamine IR and 2x 2mg clonazepam daily). And have been through benzo w/d before and had my ups and downs with the dex so I know how hard it can be. Best of luck.
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