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    Smoking Ice - Chest hurts when breathing out 
    Hello again!

    Well, here's a rundown on what happened.

    These past 3 weeks, I've been smoking ice everyday without fail. But, I'm smoking them in extreme moderation (10-20 minutes session average) since I'm doing it alone. Other than feeling good and making me lose appetite, nothing out of the ordinary happened.

    A couple days ago, on Tuesday morning (~2 AM), I got a call from a friend for a session. How could i say no to that. Got there about 3 AM and we smoked till 6 PM, Tuesday evening (about 15 hours). Now, of course we didn't do it non-stop. We took about 5-15 minutes break every hour (smoking cigs, talked on the phone or whatever).

    The next day (yesterday), I got up with the nastiest ache all over my body and a killer headache. I could barely keep my vision straight as it felt like i was going to black/pass out any moment. I took 4 asprin and lay down the whole day. I did have a 10 minute session at the end of the day though. Just a quick one to kill off my hunger.

    Today, i have this painful feeling in my chest when i breathe out. I'm not really certain if my chest hurts yesterday as i was in a world of pain. I can't pin-point where exactly but it feels like it hurts at the middle of my chest. Never had chest pain throughout my time smoking ice before this. It feels tight, like a squeeze sensation. My headache pretty much is 70% gone by now. Body aches a little but not as bad as the day before.

    Is it normal? (the part about chest pain)

    And oh, i do have hypertension. Thought of mentioning it but since my chest hurts, i don't think it has anything to do with my hbp. But hey, what do i really know.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Your binging on meth, what do you is a very toxic drug, for your mind and body. I also read in your post that you smoked some more meth to kill your hunger? That doesn't sound too healthy man, your body needs nutrients, especially when abusing drugs such as meth.

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    you're trying to kill yourself man.. i mean meth is surely amazing.. but your body needs food, vitamins, proteins and sleeping man.

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    My hopes are blighted, my heart is broken, my life a burden, everything around me is sad and mournful; earth has become distasteful to me, and human voices distract me. It is mercy to let me die, for if I live I shall lose my reason and become mad.
    It sounds like you took too much.

    Next time, take a single dose, and don't take a huge dose. Space out your experiences.

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    Yesterday, i did not take a single puff of ice. I also ate a lot (2 piece chicken, a slice of pizza, 3 slices of bread and lots and lots of water).

    I just got up minutes ago and my chest hurts even more. Mmmm. I guess I'll go visit a doctor in a couple hours (since it's 3:22 AM now) and get it checked out.

    @Captain.Heroin: I guess you're right. I don't take huge doses often. Maybe once every 2 months. It's normally small/single dose. I'll try to refrain from it in the future.

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    Let us know what they say at the Doctor. I am assuming you are not going to tell him that you are big into Crystal Meth. If you are considering telling your doctor, read the thread about James Brown, a poster here that has received shocking, appalling treatment from his doctors.

    You can fuck your lungs up on ice when you smoke it. Plus you burn through your stash a lot faster than if you snorted it. Stay off it now. Stay off it until your lungs come back and even then slow down, try snorting it instead, something. You need to change something to get your health back. You only get two lungs. They have to last a long while. No sense in ruining them.

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    A Little Update:

    On my last reply (Friday), i mentioned about going to the docs to get myself checked out for the chest pain i was having. I initially wanted to but i figured I'll suck it up a little while more till the pain was unbearable. The pain comes and goes on that day but it's nothing too extreme or alarming. The next day (Saturday), surprisingly, the pain has went down significantly. Not completely gone but it's much, much better than the day before. Also, i have not had a puff of Ice on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Yesterday (Sunday), the pain i was having was completely gone!

    Well, that's pretty much the little update i mentioned. If you're bored or have nothing important going on, read on.

    I did get on Google yesterday to try and find out what actually caused the pain. I've narrowed down the possibilities and came to 1 conclusion (i am by no means an expert in these stuff but i think I've got it). Whenever i smoke a large amount of Ice for an extensive period of time (>6 hours), i always burp non-stop (not the loud intrusive kind you have after a huge meal but instead, a soft annoying kind that nobody could hear a thing unless it's dead silence but it doesn't stop and keeps on coming). It's not something i could control. If i force myself to stop, I'll have this 'lump' in my throat and only a burp would get rid of the 'lumpy' feeling. Once i burp to get rid of it, the 'lump' comes back almost instantaneously and keeps on looping non-stop. From my previous experience, the only way I could get rid of the burp is to go to bed (which we Ice smokers know it's not easy after a huge dose). Once i wake up, It's completely gone. I however did ask a couple friends (some I've never smoked with) and about half of them have the same experience at 1 point or another (the burping part, not the chest pain). Back to my findings, i found out (on Google of course) that if you burp non-stop for a shit load of hours, you're very likely get chest pain. In my case, the pain happened the day after the insane burp fest. This probably doesn't happen to everyone I guess.

    I also came across another topic on this forum (titled, 'Unstoppable Burps after smoking ice', dated 2005) and read a response by aunty establishment. She mentioned that there's another topic here (i couldn't find it) where someone suggested drinking milk to get rid of the burps. I've been burping non-stop for the last 3 hours today and decided to give it a try as I've got nothing to lose. I was amazed at how well it worked! After chugging 3 glasses of milk like there's no tomorrow, I almost completely stopped burping! I'm not certain if it's mental or if there's something in milk that makes it stop. Didn't bother to find out the details as i was happy that it stopped.

    Well anyways, i guess that's the end of my not so little update. I'll be sure to be very careful in future when it comes to the amount i smoke as it was not fun going through what i did just a couple days back. I tend to get a little carried away and do too much when I'm smoking with friends. When I'm smoking alone, I've almost never gone above my usual amount. Only i myself could make the decision at the end of the day though. I'll do my best anyway.

    I'm off to get some sleep as I was out the whole night. Thanks for taking time to read my issues, response and update.


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    How long do you hold your hits in for?

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    It coulda been angina. Stims aren't the best drug to take when you are hypertensive. But I do meth myself so I won't tell you not to do it anymore. I'd say slow down on your habit for a bit if you can. I've never had this happen to me when smoking so I can't say for sure what it is.

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    oh yea, i kno exactly how u feel n wut u feel. although i never smoke my crystal meth, always snort it, it gives me that lump n my throat that doesnt go away until jus like u said "sleep" my lump is annoying me as I am replyin, i dont think its the smokin method, remember, iv'e never tried it that way, I believe its sumthin n tha drug that causes this, my sister complains of the same thing also, she never smokes it only snort.... well im off 2 sleep soon as i send this, tha damn lump is gettin on my damn nerves already, lol. n this is the thread post or wutever they call it that i was lookin 4, now i jus need 2 find out wtf is n this s**t that bloats me like this. oh n by tha way I dont burp excessively although It seems that thats all it takes 2 make it go away, i only burp a few txs. feels good when i do tho, even if tha damn lump comes rite bak.....

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    ^Hey, welcome to BL!

    I'm sorry to hear about the lump in your throat, but this isn't a good reason to bump a dead thread because you aren't really adding anything to the discussion.

    Please read over the Guidelines and Standards links in my signature and PM me if you have any questions.

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