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    How to stop nausea on MDMA come up? 
    Right, on friday i did mdma for the first time, was pure crystal so wasnt bashed up with anything, and my mate who has done it many times got it off the same guy he normally does, so was a reliable source. I swallowed 150 mg in a rizla, and about 20 mins after i felt i was coming up, was quite intense, and i felt a bit nauseus, and then i was sick, but i only really puked up a little bit of stomach acid so wasnt too bad, and after that i felt AMAZING! But on saturday im going to the *club*and plan on taking mdma again, and the thing is, if i become nauseus again, and throw up in the toilets, then i could get kicked out which will piss me off a little bit lol. So is there any anti nausea things which would help, like available from holland and barret or somewhere like that? On friday i hadnt eaten since 11 am and dropped at 6 pm so could this play a part to it?
    Any help would be appreciated
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    Get some anti nausea meds from a pharmacist. Just ask behind the counter.

    Also taking mdma twice in such a short time isn't a good idea.
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    sickness can happen for a few reasons -

    Eat something before hand
    Take less MDMA
    Try a different ROA - Plugging for example
    Eat/take some Ginger before / during / after dropping
    or have one of the many OTC anti sickness pills
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    Yeah i know its bad for you, and the only reason i did it on friday was because i wanted to do it at hmv, but wanted to know what to xpect incase i didnt anjoy, but i am aware of the mental issues so will not do it again for a long while as i dont go raving or anything veyer often and im not really into drugs anyway, only at the right time. Also its sooo amazing that i dont want it to lose its magic so badly, that im gonna be really careful about how often i do it lol.
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    rolaids or tums helps settle my stomach
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    Did you eat anything before? I have on all my past rolls and have never had nausea.
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    Ginger helps nausea a lot. My friend was throwing up A LOT on MDMA one time, and ginger actually helped stopped it almost completly.
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    MDMA ALWAYS gives my stomach that 'oh-shit-I'm-gonna-puke-and-shit-myself' feeling on the comeup.

    Here's what has worked for me:

    *Taking 1 or 2 Imodiums with my pill. They take about the same amount of time to kick in and Imodium really helps settle that lower intestinal urgency.

    *Have an empty or semi-empty stomach. I've tried eating big meals before dosing and found it to be much worse than an empty or very slightly full stomach. Eat some crackers or another bland food before dosing, and avoid greasy/heavy meals at all costs.

    *Use natural anti-nausea herbs to settle your stomach. Ginger, peppermint and lemon balm are excellent for preventing nausea and are even more effective if you take them for a couple days in advance. Ginger can be packed into capsules or brewed into tea and is a proven nausea remedy, even for chemotherapy patients, pregnant women and motion sickness. A small dose of Benadryl or a non-sedating antihistamine like Claritin could help too, but don't overdo it.

    *Start with a low dose. I always break my pills in half to ease the comeup and test the effects. The roll is still awesome and tends to last a bit longer than an all at once dose.

    *Lay or sit still until the comeup is over. I tend to get that anticipation feeling waiting for the comeup, and moving around too much only stimulates me that much more. Try massaging your hands or feet, laying down and looking at the ceiling or just closing your eyes and sitting in silence. The connection between mind and intestines is very strong, so try not to dwell on the nausea and just stay relaxed.

    If all these things fail, MDMA just might not agree with you. I know someone who can't even take it because she just pukes and feels miserable every time. Not worth it.
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    ^^^ Yup. Start with a half, eat the other half in 45 minutes. The come up should be nice and slow and once you're rolling you can add more, if you like.
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    Plug crystal.

    You could try snorting it, but then you get a horrible burning sensation in your nose and the sniffles for hours afterwards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by .Lucid. View Post
    yeah smoke a bud, tha best nauseau medicine on earth, and take sum tums or pink bismuth aka pepto bismol
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    Ginger or a single benedryl (preferably the dye-less kind) 20-30 minutes before dropping.
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    what works best for us is a tums or rolaids before dropping maybe 30min. And I've noticed during the comedown if we just chill in the bed and fall alseep as is well.
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    I'm a funny case I get stomach discomfort, like trapped wind - ends up with loads of burping and heartburn that when I've had a few drinks can lead to being sick. I don't get it with any other stim. Is this a perfect case where Ginger might help?
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    id like to take this chance to share some wisdom i have picked up through the years...

    1.Fatty foods before during and after MDMA will make you feel sick.
    the doedenum (or whatever) has trouble breaking down fat once you get the MDMA in your system.
    for this reason, i eat lean meat if i have any, and i eat smaller portions before after and during.
    simply avoiding animal biproducts helps alot. fruit vegetables and juices will reduce nausea caused by this fat intolerance. during the experience these are also the most pleasant foods to eat.

    2.using an antacid potentializes the effects quite a bit (be careful) and will reduce acid reflux and nausea to some extent.

    any shift in consiousness can be nauseating just from the psychological effects, but those tips will help with the physiological nausea symptoms.
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