Thread: Rash from methamphetamine?

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    Rash from methamphetamine? 
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    Lately I've been getting a rash under my arms and it seems to be connected to using methamphetamine. It's a really sore red rash that ends up in all the skin peeling and is really sore. I've been wondering if it's connected to using certain deodorants but it only happens when I smoke ice. Last week though when I smoked pure, washed shit, it didn't happen, which leads me to think it's a certain cutter causing it. I know it's a bit of a long shot but has anyone experienced anything like this before, or happen to know of any meth cutters that could cause this...?
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    Nothing that specific, but meth can cause a lot of skin problems. I always assumed it was due to increased sweating.
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    When I used to smoke a fair amount and not really take care of myself, I would sometimes get these itchy red patches on my arms that looked like some sort of rash. It was never on my underarms though. I do, however, use old spice deodorant, and have found that applying too much can result in very painful irritation. Maybe your symptoms are a result of the combination of the two? I don't know, but when you consider all the other nasty side effects meth can have on your body, a rash certainly seems feasible.
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    yes you can get rashes on meth skin problems are very prominant.
    But a good answer was given,hygene.
    When me and the old lady binged on meth we would take breaks and have a bath like 5 or 6 times a night.
    The toxins that come out are rediculous to say the least.
    Our eyes would burn while takeing a bath because of all the shit comin out of our pours..
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    Yea its pretty common to get rashes while using meth, especially for long-time users.......what causes it, idk.
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    usaly the rashes/ skin bumps are caused from the PH being to hi /low but mostly to hi. The body will reject all forigen intruders that have a ph to far from 5.7 witch is perfect for the human body. Iso propel will hw\elp with rashes. Just keep your dirty fingers,hands and any other dirty objects off your body so as not to get infected.
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